November 2015

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Markers linked with QTL for crown rot resistance in wheat

As requested by the wheat breeders on our project steering committee, we have assayed a panel of wheat lines with  SNP markers that are linked with QTL for resistance to crown rot. [GRDC project UA00143 in collaboration with Anke Martin of the University of Southern Queensland]

An improved marker for Rha2 CCN resistance in barley

We've redesigned our recommended marker for Rha2; the new marker assays the same SNP, but more reliably. [GRDC project UA00143]

Grain β-glucan in barley: Markers for HvCslF6

As requested by the barley breeders on our project steering committee, we have assayed a panel of barley lines with markers for sequence polymorphisms within the HvCslF6 cellulose synthase-like gene. [GRDC project UA00143]

From ACPFG: Markers for boron toxicity tolerance in barley

Melissa Garcia and Julie Hayes of the Australian Centre for Plant Functional Genomics have provided information on three markers for boron toxicity tolerance in barley.
To access the marker information, pre-breeders and breeders in Australia can go to and login to the MEMBERS AREA. If you don't have a userid, you can request one there. 

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