The very first newsletter from Tiny Gork!
whats been going on with Gork till now?
breakdown of the shadow origin chapters.
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Hello and greetings!
Thank you for signing up to my newsletter!
This is my very first newsletter and i have been dying to get this out, I really want to tell you abit about what i have been doing up till now.
I have been setting up and tweaking the site to get it to where it is now, this involved alot of thinking as well. Simply choosing the name Tiny Gork took some time as well and some consulting with a few people because i wanted a name that was catchy and memorable and that i would not get tired of. 
I created this newsletter service at Mailchimp as well and worked a few days on setting up a colour theme that would go along with the site so it felt familiar and it would be easy to recognize where the newsletter came from. 
I also got a seperate mail client setup just for tinygork mails as well as a facebook and twitter profile. 
it has been exciting starting all of this and getting out there to show the flag hoping people will stop by and have a read.
I am currently writing on what i call the core story of the shadow council, the origins of it all. What it was, what happened to it and where can you pick up the torch and continue the story on your own.
The core story itself is about 6 chapters on the outline draft and for now it's holding up, however this is a first for me using outline and creating chapters and so forth. Normally i write for myself and organize for myself so it is abit different trying to write for others to use. 
The chapters is still a work in progress and names can easily change but i wanna let you have a peek at the list:
  1. What the shadow council was
  2. The nemesis master plan
  3. The plan works
  4. The reckoning of proxies
  5. Cast down
  6. Questing for Re-assembly 
Together these chapters are 'setting the stage' for GM's to continue onward and explore the possibilities of the frames that the story creates. 

The above headlines will form a free pdf that sorts out the major plot points of the story, each headline has a few subheadlines and these will be included later in a complete story pdf where we go into more detail of what went on with the Shadow council before your players get into it.
along with those i want to write up a few chapters about continuing the story in your own campaign, how to use the story, what tiny gork has planned in the future for the shadow council setting.
Atm 2500 words have been written!

When im not thinking and working on Tiny Gork I have a few hobbies that i keep alive, recently a mate, his nephew and myself started meeting regularly about once a month for some warhammer 40k fun. We either play a campaign we got going for a year which has been abandoned for awhile, killteam or paint our miniatures.
The other day i recieved a gadget for testing and reviewing, it's called an "inkling" from Wacom and i'm really excited about the concept and how it holds up in RL. It's a great idea for when you want a drawing on paper and digital at the same time but dont want the hazzle of scanning and as an added bonus it can record layers.
When im not cultivating my hobbies or working on tinygork, i spend time with my awesome girlfriend, with whom i actually created a new colourscheme for a new spacemarine chapter last week. 
This weekend I am going to visit a co-worker at his place about 360km away, we are going to have a blast with Xbox and playstation on a big 120" screen (projector).

I spotted an online cource for calligraphy which my girlfriend and me are considering taking could be cool to throw down some proper letters on paper ;D Im thinking "awesome handouts!"
If you made it this far down, thanks for reading my very first newsletter ! ;)

Should you want to throw back some thoughts on the content and or the look of the newsletter you are always welcome to reply! 

Have a GREAT weekend, 
Gork ya later!
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