Newsletter #5 - Last Demonwars review, Special announcement, Bootcamp project and Shadow Council FreeGs
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Hola Gorks!
Yes, YOU are my gorks! :) 
Another week gone by in GorkLand, very exciting stuff going on.


The third part of my long Demonwars:Reformation RPG review went up on the blog today. Warning it's a lengthy article!
here is your linky:

Exciting news!

And to boot, I have plans of wrapping it all up by interviewing Mr. Salvatore and Bryan Salvatore about the creation of Corona and bringing it to life by game design, i am brainstorming questions these days. I have been a Salvatore fanboy since i was 16 give or take, just about 20 years fanboyhood, so i am very excited about this prospect!

Bootcamp RPG Project

This week i finished my first draft on my bootcamp rpg project, and now i am getting ready for editing. Cover has been chosen and i started working on the non-content pages. Tuesday next week is another Gork Stuff day and im giving you a cool npc's in my bootcamp project - "Black Star" the assassin

Shadow Council origins

The writing grind on Shadow Council has taken abit of a backburner the during this week, blog and bootcamp took most of my time. However, i'm 7000 - 8000 Word into it by now and not many more chapters to go, i am almost ready to release another FreeG with Tiny Gork monologues as well. 


My last FreeG release, the Essential Shadow Council origins + Time Hunters have seen round about 250 downloads, so that is super exciting! If any of you read them you are more than welcome to leave a review on DrvThruRPG or mail me one for my blog. 


Should you have questions about the story or already now have ideas about how to use any of them write me anytime. I love to talk about my stuff and I love to help others out with inspiration and ideas :)

Time Hunters

If you havent picked up the First FreeG which has Time Hunter sourcebook bundled with it for now, hurry up. I am about to decide if the sourcebook itself should be split off in a paid product on its own soonish. Also I will offer a discount on the Bootcamp Adventure for those who picked up the FreeG's :)

My weekend

I am spending my weekend at my girlfriends appartment, Sunday i am helping her youngest boy of 13 paint his first Tyranid unit. Yep, i am creating a new warhammer40k gamer *G* Next weekend is another warhammer40k get together with my friend and his nephew. I am also in the process of creating a new spacemarine chapter - Doom Lions, teal, bronze and orange colours, but thats another story :D

I hope you all have a great weekend, thats it for now, gork ya later!

Michael Christensen - RPG Tinkering
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