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This week has been exciting for me, you might recall i send you the BETA versions of my first two products (FreeGs) alittle while ago. This week they were released to the public on my site. In case you missed it you can click the link below and read all about it.
Release Party Blog Post

There was some changes made to the BETA before the release, so if you want the final release versions i have their two links here:

Essential Shadow Council origins #1: DOWNLOAD HERE!
Time Hunters: DOWNLOAD HERE!

Next thing im gonna rant abobiut is an online pdf cource im taking atm, the BOOTCAMP project. It is a cource that will take me through all the stages of creating a new RPG product from scratch to publishing it in only 30 days.

I have decided to blurp about this little project each Thursday till that is done. So stay tune for that! The first post was put up yesterday:

"I recently joined an interresting cource running over 30 days.
In 30 days it will take me through the process of creating and publishing a small RPG product from scratch. I thought this a great excercise since i’m still completely new at this independent publishing thing and why not create an adventure featuring the new Time Hunters!" 


A little while ago I backed R.A.Salvatore's Demonwars:Reformation on Kickstarter, one of the perks was to receive a playtest pdf package. This Friday (today) and the next few Fridays i will take a look on those pdf's, here is a blurp from todays post:

"I have loved the World of Corona ever since i read the very first book set in this World.
I’d like to explain what it is about Corona that so enraptured me and then im going to go over the note worthy content of the playtest pdf spread out over a few blog posts, everything is easier in smaller bites after all. Until I have playtested i wont be looking too much on the mechanical crunch of Things."

Work on the Shadow Council core story still continues, I now have 3½ full chapters rough draft, plus the two monologues in the Essential pdf as well as a new monologue.

This weekend i am going to spend time with my girlfriend and her two boys, i have begun my wicked corruption, i foresee new warhammer 40.000 material. We are going to shop some tyranids together and Watch "Despicable me!"

I just backed Monte Cook's new kickstarter project "The Strange" now that i missed out on Numenera, given the awesome feedback that one got i'm willing to put some money on the next project. You can find it at kickstarter here

I am still considering getting my hands on Numenera at some point though!

Last thing i wanna ramble abit about is a free online cource that was brought to my attention by +JohnnFour

It is a free online cource about story telling:
"Are you interested in the mechanics of current fiction formats? Do you want to know how stories are told? Do you want to analyze, understand, contextualize and create stories and narratives?"

I signed up using Johnn's link for the cource, when you sign up on someone referral to the cource that person is entered into a raffle for some prizes.

So if you use this link you will put me in the raffle. (For sharing this in the first place!)

And if you use this link you will put Johnn in the raffle.

OR sign up on your own without putting anyone in the raffle at this link

There i think i used up all my pre-paid newsletter Words, so i hope you have a great weekend!

Gork ya later! - Tinkering with RPG



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