Newsletter #4 - more bootcamp, more demonwars, more shadow council
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Another week gone by and this one really paid off, another 2100 words written on the Bootcamp project, since i wrote my 2nd post for the blog. If you have been keeping taps on my blog you might have read the two posts in the new regular coloumn "BootCamp Project" about my online cource by Johnn Four where he guides us in creating an RPG Product from scratch to publish in 30 days. Awesome stuff! I have created a seperate page for keeping BootCamp progress as well. 

Feel free to have a read:

This week also saw the creation of Trass'gram Denholt a retired disillusioned Time Hunter NPC, i hope you can put him to good use and im very interrested in hearing how :)  Gork Stuff #1:

Today I took another look at R.A.Salvatore's new Demonwars:Reformation playtest rules, specifically the magic gemstone system. See all about it:

The first two products of Tiny Gork has gone up on as well now and are doing quite well. If you have read through them it would be most awesome if you would take the time to write alil review of them :) linky :

The Shadow Council is also steaming ahead, 7000 words into it now, still got 3 more story chapters to write and some follow up chapters about using the story setting. So everything is coming along, maybe not at the fastest pace, but at my pace :)

This Tuesday i bring out my first monster concept based on the Shadow Council setting, the Lost Hounds of Triasli. Thursday is another installment of the bootcamp coloumn and Friday i will look into the fighting of Demonwars:Reformation.

I took the time to write to Mr.Salvatore about my Demonwars reviews and he wrote back explaining shortly that they are in the process of creating the final book and they are soon to go over the magic system once more with some big decisions on the magic system. 

I have also signed up for my first ever pathfinder society event late in November, very exciting never done that before. Not to mention the Future of story telling online cource started today, so theres a b

So thats this weeks news from Tiny Gork.

Gork ya later! - Tinkering with RPG



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