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Hello my Gorks!

It has been alittle while since i last summed up the going ons at

Warlocks Journal has now hosted two of the wandering Warlocks Journal contests. The first one was in Dec 2013 and the second one here in May 2014. 

Tiny Gork will release the FREEG pdfs from each contest hosted on DrivethruRPG, just recently the FREEG "Woman in ice" from Dec 2013 was released on and soon to come the May contest "Time Beast" it is pending approval.

The contest has moved in June to Soulguardian, this time the journal has opened its pages on a specific Deity. Go design your very own Deity!

Quote form Soulguardian:

Design a deity in 500 words or less. But there is a twist: you have to explain how time has changed this deity: maybe its has become more and more powerful, or maybe it is now dead and forgotten. Maybe its has married another deity, or maybe its children have been killed. Whatever it is, this twist has to be significant.

The winner of the contest will be decided for by an open poll and will receive $20 store credit for DriveThru. The runner up will get $10. All participants will be compiled in a free PDF to be hosted on this site and DriveThru.

Bootcamp - Galens Gamble

Work on Galens Gamble - a Gork story is still ongoing, I have come through a ruff rehaul/edit of my first draft. I am now in the process of re-reading, re-arranging small stuff, finding a continuity and some layout descisions about the text in general. 

Along side those issues im debating with myself if i want artwork, if so how much and so forth. I am leaning on very little artwork to get this thing done and released.

Time Hunters

A big part of the setup for Warlocks Journal May contest was my sourcebook The Time Hunters, it's a FREEG pdf available at and 

I am planning on updating the book with more content and fleshing some stuff out more, giving it more depth i hope and creating a fuller experience. The new edition will not be a FREEG pdf, I am planning on setting a pricetag on this one.

I have tweaked the site alittle bit, made some changes. One of the bigger changes was the "Products" page, where i am listing all released products as well as those in development and those that i have an idea for. 

This products page is to open up the tinkershop for you and give some overview of what has been made and what is in the pipeline. Along with that im hoping it will provide me with some accountability to you, so that i dont leave stuff undone. ;)

Nested under this page through the dropdown menu from the topmenu are the individual product pages.

The Shadow Council

Work on the core story setting for the Shadow Council has been halted till i am done with the bootcamp adventure. The last done here was the FREEG pdf part#2. Hopefully i'll get writing on this again soon as it is the main foundation for everything i will be writing.

Outside Tinygork

These days i am in the process of moving my stuff from my old apartment to my girlfriends apartment, alittle bit each down as i drive home from work. We have been living together in her appartment for roughly 6 months now and its going great :)

I am also taking part in setting up a warhammer 40k event, we are aiming for 16 players in a big battle along side a barbeque party with a full roasted pig! We need to create approximately 25 pieces of terrain for the battle and I need to make sure all my participating miniatures are painted. There are a few things to sort out for such a thing, writing an introduction to the thing, handling sign ups, we even got a few sponsors and a few other practical tasks. It's going down on the 2nd of August :)

Thats it for now,
Gork ya later!

Michael Christensen - RPG Tinkering
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