Share the same content multiple times


Your content rocks, and people are excited to see it!

What happens though is that so much rockin' content lands on social media every second that a person can't possibly catch it all. 

At Buffer, we reach 5% of our followers with a tweet and 2% of Facebook fans with a new update.

So, share your story multiple times in order to reach those who missed it the first time!

Change up your message: alternate the headline, grab a pullquote, share an image, etc. so that you have something new to share (and can learn what resonates most by checking analytics after).

Here's how:

And final tip: Come up with some sort of sharing schedule. Here's ours (feel free to borrow).

Cheering for you,
Kevan + the Buffer team

P.S. How many times can you reshare? A Wisemetrics study found that, on average, the second tweet gets 86% as much performance as the first one, and even after 6 repetitions, you're still at 67% of the first tweet.

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