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Facebook ‘Pages to Watch’ Feature 

Facebook’s Pages to Watch feature is one of the Internet’s best free tools for finding great content to share on social media. And it’s super easy to use, too!

More on why it's awesome below, but first, here’s a quick video on how to get started with Facebook’s Pages to Watch feature:

Why we love it:
The Pages to Watch feature automatically sorts all of your favorite pages by the total number of Likes from top to bottom.

From there, you can view how a specific Page is performing over the previous 7 days from both a growth and engagement perspective. And best of all, you can view a specific Page’s top posts for the week - sorted by most engaging! This makes finding great content to share a quick and easy process.

*Quick note: Only Facebook Pages with 100+ likes/followers will have access to the Facebook Pages to Watch feature.

You Can Do It
Head on over to the Insights tab within your Facebook Business Page and “Watch” 10 different pages that you love. They can be peers, competitors, Fortune 500s, publishers, marketers, brands… you name it! 

Thanks for joining us,
Brian & the Buffer Team

P.S. We recommend, after you get comfortable with Facebook Pages to Watch, that you follow anywhere from 10-35 pages for maximum efficiency. That way you can spend roughly 10-15 minutes every day keeping an eye on the best content being shared across Facebook. 


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