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Erick's Insights


It's That Time Again... Back To School Time


It's time to get the kids back to school, and having a 10 and a 13 year old at home I am in that boat with you. So what is the state of security at our schools? Some of our school districts are starting to take security very seriously. Others view it as an insurmountable issue resulting in inaction, as if doing nothing is better than doing something.  

One of my favorite ancient sayings is: “The best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago.The second best time is now” (Chinese proverb). Having a clear vision of what a forest might look like 20 years from now allows us to start planting, knowing it will take time to come to fruition.  So what might a secure school look like 10 or 20 years from now?

A secure school will keep vehicles far enough away from the buildings that a car bomb will do minimal damage. It will not have an "everyone is welcome at any time of day" policy. It will limit access outside of transition periods using effective access control, and will have the capability of site lock down, creating safe harbors for retreat and shelter in place. They will have public area video surveillance to minimize the impact of bullying and provide situational awareness during emergency events.  

In a free and open society we cannot stop the first bad act, but we can provide the tools and systems necessary to reduce the impact of the first bad act. Like many of you I pray my children return home safe from their schools. And like many of you I am aware that, over-all, violent crime is lower than it was a decade ago; but I am also far too aware of the violence that is committed in our schools. With a 24-hour news cycle it is nearly impossible to remain unaware of every bad action that takes place in any school across the nation. None-the-less, I am encouraged by the commitment many of our school districts and universities have made to improve the safety and security of our educational institutions.

Make it a great day!

Trends & Technology


There was some valuable information that was shared with Absco recently through the Avigilon Business Education Division. With Absco having a strong focus on education, here are some compelling reasons why all levels of education should consider deploying security.

The Highlights:

  • “It is estimated that vandalism, at Arizona State University contributes to over $200,000 annually in facilities costs due to graffiti, skateboarders, and facility or equipment vandalism,” says Laura Ploughe, who is ASU’s director of business applications and planning.
  • "According to the NIH (National Institute of Health), larceny/theft in the United States is estimated to cost (in 2008 dollars) $3,532 per incident, while vandalism is estimated to cost $4,860 per incident."
  • "The University of San Francisco (USF) also experienced a significant decrease in thefts from buildings when it switched from keys to cards and filled in the gaps that were previously lacking access control, seeing a 47 percent drop in the first year alone."

Proper Security Bolsters Your Campus’ Reputation

Although we’ve focused mostly on the security improvements that can be realized by installing locks and access control systems, an important aspect that should not be overlooked is how these upgrades affect how students, parents, patients, faculty, clinicians, visitors and employees perceive your school, university or hospital. Access control and locks can contribute to an overall feeling of safety and security that can have a positive impact on the recruiting and retention of these individuals.

To read the full article, please click HERE

Trends and Technology

Video Analytics:

The New Approach to Proactive Response

Avigilon has published a new white paper entitled Making Video Actionable. This piece addresses the advantages of using video analytics technology to respond proactively to incidents. One of the best ways to increase the value of video surveillance is by making it actionable.
Video analytics technology is ideal for perimeter protection and remote monitoring. Actionable video improves operational efficiencies and reduces overall costs, including the cost of theft.  
The Avigilon™  H4 ES Camera line combines high-definition imaging, self-learning video analytics, network video recorder functionality and embedded Avigilon Control Center (ACC)™ video management software to create an all-in-one intelligent surveillance solution.
Please click HERE to read more about their new approach 

What's New


H4 SL Camera Line

Bullet and Dome Camera

The H4 SL cameras is Avigilon's new mid-market priced camera line that sits in-between the H3 and H4 camera models. The H4 SL Camera line combines exceptional image quality with an innovative and modular design that is easy to install at a cost-effective price. Available in bullet and dome formats with 1.3 and 2 MP camera resolutions, the H4 SL camera is designed and packaged for simple ordering and quick and flexible installation. The H4 SL camera line will be available for shipping September 12th
You can find all documents related to the H4 SL Camera line uploaded to Salesforce here.


H4 Fisheye Camera Line

The new Avigilon H4 Fisheye camera line offers a complete, high-resolution, high-frame rate, 360-degree panoramic view of a scene with no blind spots. Built on the H4 platform, the H4 Fisheye is a cost-effective, easy-to-install solution available in 6 and 12 megapixel camera resolutions. Its powerful client-side de-warping coupled with virtual PTZ technology allows easy navigation through live or recorded video. The H4 Fisheye camera line will be available for shipping in early October.

Team Spotlight


Liz Abolafia

Marketing Associate

Liz is our marketing associate and one of our newer team mates, joining Absco Solutions in 2015. She’s had an amazing impact on the company and been a breath of fresh air with her can-do attitude and sunny disposition. Liz has taken on projects large and small from organizing company marketing events, creating marketing materials, maintaining company branding, to planning company activities and lending a hand to our admin and field departments. Liz accomplishes tasks with professionalism and style and can be counted on to provide a polished product regardless of the pressure.

In addition Liz is the artist behind our inspirational monthly chalkboard wall. She creates a monthly theme that celebrates our company values and recognizes our team members. Her creations spark conversations and a smile, with many positive comments. She brings an artistic dynamic to the company which has had a visible impact including the new front entrance artwork she designed throughout our offices in Lynnwood and Spokane.

Liz lives our core values. She assumes responsibility, is generous in giving credit and values family and friends. While she doesn’t seek the spot light she is certainly worthy of it and is behind the scenes making things happen. She has been an amazing addition to our team and makes our entire team better.

Customer Testimonial


Autumn Snow 


The Trike Shop Childcare Center & Preschool

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Our Growing Spokane Crew:


We are very excited about the great things to come out of our Spokane office, and are looking forward to building a wonderful team and great relationships with existing and new clients.


We've heard from several of our customers, and the people their businesses affect, about how their systems have saved lives, saved money, impacted efficiencies or been creative solutions to unique challenges.  We'd love to hear your story if you've got one, and would like to have it published in an upcoming Absco Speak, send it to

Sheila taking a ride in a coopers race car

The Absco Solutions Team has been having fun with an "Absco - Knows No Limits" #KNL campaign for a few months.  Check out some of the crazy places you'll find our team.....we'd like to get you on our page too!!!

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