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The definition of insanity:

Doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result


Recently I volunteered a couple of days to review the security plans of a non-profit organization doing amazing work in the Northwest.  The non-profit has a number of buildings with significant security requirements.  They need access control and video surveillance at every site. Their IT department is responsible for managing the access control databases and reviewing video recordings of adverse events.  Unfortunately, every site they have has standalone systems that are not networked.  This wasn’t a problem when there were only a couple of buildings within blocks of the main office but now there are a lot of buildings separated by a lot of miles. This has become an ever increasing management issue.  Fortunately the IT and Facilities personnel recognized it might be a good time to reconsider their current path, thus deviating from insanity.

We were able to confirm for the non-profit that their existing access control system (a product we don’t sell) has a server based networkable solution capable of centralized system management.  In practical terms this means taking nearly a score of databases which had to be modified individually at each site when adding or terminating a corporate person; and turning it into a centralized networked system enabling the addition or deletion of the individual at a single database location.  The same issue could be resolved with the video surveillance system by upgrading the DVRs (digital video recorders) to NVRs (network video recorders).

The first rule when we find ourselves in a hole is to stop digging.   

While the non-profit was not in the position to replace all of the DVRs with NVRs at one time, it was able to stop digging deeper with the addition of its latest facility.  The operational savings generated by centralizing the access database and implementing the NVR solution can be re-purposed to replace additional DVRs with NVRs, in turn increasing the pace of savings in operational costs. 

Creating positive feedback, loops and return on investment for dollars spent on life-safety and security is critical to creating budgeting for further improvement.

Share some of your best life-safety and security Returns on Investment (ROI) with me 

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What's Happening NOW

Hirsch Velocity 

Identiv's Velocity 3.6 is now available. Identiv's Security Management System software environment is designed for use with the uTrust family of controllers and readers

What this means:

The latest Velocity update provides:

  • Support for newer versions of Microsoft’s Windows operating system (including Windows 8.1, Windows Server 2012, and Windows Server 2012 R2)

  • Support for newer versions of Microsoft’s SQL Server database management software (including SQL Server 2012, and SQL Server 2014)

  • The ability for a credential to perform a specific access function on up to nine (9) door groups per controller

  • Support for IPv6 addressing (which is a feature of the new SNIB3 board)

  • A few other new features and enhancements

  • Numerous bug fixes

What If I Have an Older Version of Velocity?

End of Support (EOS) for Velocity 3.1 will be effective April 1, 2016. Please be sure to relate to end users the importance of keeping Velocity current. Contact your Identiv Regional Manager for assistance in helping customers upgrade.

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Sheila Millman

EVP/VP of Administration/Secretary and Treasurer

Sheila joined Absco in 1999, and has filled a variety of positions.  Currently she is Executive Vice President, as well as VP of Administration. She provides overarching leadership and is a greater provider of inspiration, insight and level-headed support.  Sheila oversees all aspects of the accounting and human resources departments, from new hires to payroll and prevailing wage compliance, accounts receivable and payable, and everything in between. She also ensures that Absco is in code compliance, and checks vendor and contractor contracts for accuracy, impartiality and legality.  In short, she is a great juggler.

Her dedication and attention to detail make her an outstanding leader.  Her calm personality makes everyone else feel comfortable during stressful times.  She is one of the company’s key stabilizers and is a trusted team advisor.  We all have the upmost respect both for her ability and as an individual.

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Our Spokane office has been refreshed! We are very excited about the great things coming out of our Spokane office, and are looking forward to building a wonderful team, and great relationships with existing and new clients.

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