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In our last issue we examined how C-Level leader’s perception of the value of a good security plan is changing. We acknowledged that there is a very real and high cost to: the loss of intellectual property; the disclosure of personal data and records; the settlement of false claims of injury or theft; and real events of injury and theft. Work place violence and violence in our public spaces and schools are nearly a weekly event.  
Virtual and physical security are becoming increasingly important to C-Level leaders as they are increasingly aware of the impact of the cost of not protecting their intellectual and physical assets. Their employees, customers and the corresponding damage to organizational brand, so often accompany a difficult event, as we’ve seen. Often the cost driver scenario is because not enough investment was made to provide a return, rather than too much being spent.
The return on investment in security is made that much greater, when the systems are utilized to automate business processes that might have been handled manually.
Great examples where video surveillance can automate processes:
Has anyone else driven the Puget Sound’s 405 Highway recently? If you have you will notice a lot of cameras and a couple of lanes of rapidly moving traffic adjacent to some often very slow moving traffic. Those cameras are recording license plates at various check points in order to automate tolling on the 405 freeway. The system deployment is being greatly underwritten by a Texas company who receives a percentage of funds of every car using the toll lane.
We recently did a large distribution center where boxes of high-end product are loaded onto trucks. There is a camera watching each step as the box is packed, gets sealed, and gets put on the vehicle. Adjacent to the line the box barcode is read and the barcode date time is correlated to the video data. When someone calls to state one of the high end products was missing from the a box the barcode number can be used to review the packing process to determine the nature of the error.
Video files can even be emailed to customers for reference or reporting. This has greatly reduced errors in shipping and also the number of false claims of missing product. The additional cost to correlate video to the inventory management system was negligible compared to the cost of installing both an independent video surveillance system and inventory management system. The return on the investment by integrating the two systems was exponentially greater than either could provide separately.
Couple Bonus Examples:

  • Having the garage door automatically open when an appropriate license plate is read

  • Controlling the flow of traffic

  • Implementing analytics to provide alarm for abnormal external events that would normally go undetected

    • Car driving the wrong way

    • Person jumping the fence

    • Item being moved or left behind

  • Counting parking stalls

  • Identifying available inventory remotely


The question isn’t can life-safety and security integration provide a return on investment, but rather how imaginative can we be to provide a more integrated holistic solution to significant challenges.
Please share some of the interesting operational challenges you’ve solved through the use, integration and automation of your security, access control and video surveillance systems. I’d love to start a conversation!

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Trends & Technology

What Customers Want

G P Marketing Inc.

"Everyone in the industry is talking about the cost of CCTV cameras being driven down by Hikvision, Samsung, and distribution.  So is CCTV becoming a commodity like wire?  Yes!
Customers want security systems to becoming more integrated to their needs.  They want intrusion detection, hi-quality video of every event, and all of this linked together for easy searchability with remote wireless access.  (And I wish I could fly like super man.)
The reality is that IP addressable products are making people think that all of this will just magically integrate, because it is all IP.  The fact is data is not all the same.  Organizations like Absco Solutions can set themselves apart from the rest of the security integrators by providing services to integrate and support systems others just "sell".  Integrating systems has been a buzz word for years but customers now really want, and expect, seamless integration of their security systems.  The company that provides this will win the customer's business. 
I look forward to working with Absco Solutions on wining customer business and support."

Gary Ponto - CPMR

Trends & Technology

Superior Image Quality


OpenEye OE-C8103 and OE-C8203 IP PTZs provide users with crystal clear video thanks to 3MP resolution and 20x optical zoom. Additionally, continuous 360° rotation and 190° tilt range make these cameras a versatile PTZ solution for live monitoring environments.

Features like Digital WDR and a true day/night IR cut filter produce superior video in a variety of lighting conditions. The OE-C8103 is designed for efficient indoor installation, and the OE-C8203 is IP66 rated and comes equipped with a sunshield, heater, and blower to accommodate a variety of environmental conditions. Both models offer operation using only PoE+ power* for easy, single cable installation.


Read more about achieving super image quality HERE!

Team Spotlight

Tony Petosa

Lead Technician


Tony Petosa just celebrated his tenth year of being with Absco, which is a great accomplishment! He is one of our Lead Technicians and is a great teacher to other technicians and apprentices.  He is willing to travel for any project that needs to be completed. Always wanting to work, anywhere… anytime.

He works great with everyone, especially the customers. Always receiving positive feedback from customers about his work ethic and attitude while on site. Walt from Silverlake Water & Sewer District said, “Tony is a great person to work with and I hope to work with him again in the future.”
Tony is a fantastic member of our Absco family, and we are thrilled to have him on our team!

Customer Testimonial

Veterans NW Construction

"Arguably the best electric security system company in the Pacific Northwest. Absco Solutions has the most qualified technicians and their ownership is comprised of people with a wealth of experience and professional integrity. They are the ESS contractor that Marpac users for its own buildings."

- Jon Okada
Veterans NW Construction

What's New

Opening Up Opportunities for Wireless!

Gamewell FCI

WireLESS without bring powerless! New SWIFT relay module unlocks new opportunities to activate remote power supplies and NAC expanders without expensive trenching or wiremold.

Additional SWIFT 2.0 features and updates include:

  • Increased range for primary links for better system coverage

  • More detailed battery life information in SWIFT TOOLS

  • Updated LED output

  • Further improved cyber security

Click HERE to read more on Wireless Opportunities

Tech Tips

Video Client & MicroSD Card Video Replay


Many Bosch video devices can record locally at the edge using media such as Compact Flash (CF), Secure Digital (SD) or microSD card technology. Once the media has been removed from the device, recorded video can be viewed using Bosch Video Client (BVC) v1.7 or higher.

Read the whole article on Bosch's Webiste

We've heard from several of our customers, and the people their businesses affect, about how their systems have saved lives, saved money, impacted efficiencies or been creative solutions to unique challenges.  We'd love to hear your story if you've got one, and would like to have it published in an upcoming Absco Speak, send it to

Knowing No Limits

We created the Knows No Limits #KNL Campaign to playfully get pics of not only the Absco Solutions team, but you too! We continue to look for ways to share what we’re up to, but also the great partners we’re doing GREAT things with. If you’ve got a picture that you’d like to submit for the campaign, post it on our Facebook page (remember to hashtag it) or submit it to Let’s keep pushing the limits together for greater success. #KNL


This month, we’re spotlighting Dan Norton, our President, on a Texas longhorn, at the National Gamewell-FCI Conference! Yeehaw!!!

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