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Erick's Insights


The Power of Prioritization

Have you ever been given a jar with a bunch of materials: large rocks, smaller rocks, pebbles, sand and water, and been asked to fit as much into the jar as possible?  For the inexperienced or uninitiated this challenge can be painful.  The lesson: start with the largest items and work your way down, occasionally lightly shaking the jar to get the smaller items to settle in around the larger items to make room for the next group of yet smaller items. The experiment is often set up so all of the materials will fit in the jar if done in this fashion, but only if done in this fashion.  If done in reverse order, inevitably one or more of the larger items will remain on the outside of the jar.  

This is a great life lesson to try with the kids.  It is equally applicable to the implementation of our business plans, or our facility vulnerability mitigation plans. It aids us in looking at the bigger picture and mitigating the issues that are draining real resources; in prioritizing the big ticket items that have real cost: in man power, or litigation, or automation, or IP exposure; in allowing us to identify savings to tackle the next level of issues.  To do this it is important to understand the totality of what we are working with.  What is the bigger picture?  What are the big rocks, the little rocks, the pebbles, the sand, and the water?  Each is important in its own right and each will have someone that will argue the merits of their size.  Someone will inevitably argue that their pebble is really a boulder, so it is important to have clear criteria for weighing the value of the issues that are being addressed.  The scales should not merely be measured in dollars and cents to implement a phase, but should also include the likelihood of an occurrence, frequency of occurrence, and severity of consequence of an occurrence; as well as protection of human life, improved operational efficiency, reduction of litigation, protection of intellectual property, and increased personal safety.

In the end we want to build a robust long-term plan that is scalable, flexible and adaptable which addresses the largest most likely issues first and works its way toward less severe and less likely events.
Make it a great day!
- Erick

Trends and Technology


7100 Series Product Discontinuance


Gamewell-FCI is notifying our customers that after 18 successful years, the 7100 Series will cease production at the end of July 2017. Our supplier for the main microprocessor has been discontinued without replacement. We are suggesting any projects already quoted should be ordered and delivered as soon as possible.

Gamewell-FCI intends to support the 7100 Series beyond the discontinuation period with repair service and replacement boards for as long as components are available. A last time production run of select 7100 accessories has been made with our remaining component stock. Orders for all items will be accepted on a first come, first serve basis as stock lasts. For a full list of discontinued models, read the Retirement Table below.
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What's New


Connect and Communicate:
Talkaphone Announces New Via Series Pedestals


Talkaphone would like to introduce you to it's new Via Series Access and Courtesy Communication pedestal. The stylized pedestal is available with card reader and push plate switch options and includes a blue LED light band. When used in an access control installation, the light will change to green when the door is activated through the call station. The Via series is easily integrated with Talkaphone's current access control system that includes the VOIP-200 series IP call station and the AVM-1 IP Video Attendant Station.
Full Article - Talk-A-Phone VOIP-200

What's Happening

We're Open in


Beaverton, Oregon


As of February 9, 2017 we will officially have a stronger presence in Oregon! Here are a few Absco employees that will be in the office to help support your needs!


Team Spotlight


Senior Account Executive

Morgan has been with Absco since 1998. He started out as a technician, and gradually worked his way up to Senior Sales Account Executive. He is frequently requested by our customers, as he makes them feel comfortable about their solutions. He has a great amount of knowledge on low voltage systems, both fire and security, and puts forth all of his efforts on every project he completes. Morgan also has a very balanced perspective of the business where his is able to provide quality products and service at a great value for the customer. 
Morgan keeps things fun with good humored comments (he has a wicked sense of humor), is an overall pleasure to be around and is quick to smile or have a warm welcome for everyone even when he is under pressure. He has a wonderful ability to take a stressful situation and add humor to lighten the emotional load.  He is quick to work past his own challenges and stay outward facing.  Absco is fortunate to have Morgan and what he does to show the community who we are and what great opportunities we offer.  He is a valued and respected team member.

Customer Testimonial


Autumn Snow

The Trike Stop Childcare Center & Preschool

Who We Are

Our Spokane Crew:


We are very excited about the great things to come out of our Spokane office, and are looking forward to building a wonderful team and great relationships with existing and new clients.


We've heard from several of our customers, and the people their businesses affect, about how their systems have saved lives, saved money, impacted efficiencies or been creative solutions to unique challenges.  We'd love to hear your story if you've got one, and would like to have it published in an upcoming Absco Speak, send it to


Ken at Mardi Gras during Fat Tuesday!

The Absco Solutions Team has been having fun with an "Absco - Knows No Limits" #KNL campaign for a few months.  Check out some of the crazy places you'll find our team... we'd like to get you on our page too!!!

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