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                    uTrust TS Readers Online Workshop Series by Identiv

Network breaches are commonplace these days, with increasing attacks due to weak or compromised security. While many breaches come from external sources, they can also come from weaknesses in building security. An ID card that’s dropped in a parking lot, a badge that’s never removed from the system, data cloned to a new card — all can lead to unauthorized entry and subsequent network access. Breaches can be expensive to remedy but are typically avoidable by matching technology to the risk.
Identiv's focus is delivering secure, trusted solutions for premises, information and everyday items. The Identiv uTrust TS Readers Online Workshop Series provides practical information on security issues and technology solutions.

These online workshops will cover the following topics:

Technology trends at the door offering strong credential authentication and user validation
  • Single identity across a complete enterprise
  • Reducing ownership costs by utilizing cloud management
  • Technology migration options for more secure systems
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                     Absco Team Spotlight!

                          Morgan Campbell - Senior Account Executive

Morgan Campbell has been a part of the Absco family for as long as many of our customers can remember.  Morgan joined Absco in 1997, and has been very present customer advocate and expert ever since.  Morgan’s sense of humor is unparalleled and his devotion to his family, the Absco team and each and every one of his customers, is very hard to match.
On a recent tour of some of our top clients, whenever Morgan was mentioned (which was often), it was mentioned with affection and appreciation by those that work with him, for the level of support and responsiveness he provides them.  His honesty and integrity were often mentioned and his upbeat attitude continues to be a shining spot in many of our client’s days.

We’re grateful Morgan is on the Absco Team!!!


                 Keeping The End In Mind? 


                                                    By Erick Slabaugh

At Absco Solutions you will often hear our people say: “start with the end in mind” when meeting with a client to develop their life-safety and security master plan.  This stems in part from a lesson my grandfather Roy Slabaugh taught me as a boy.  He told me if you have a problem that is 6 feet tall and only spend to fix 5 feet you’ve wasted everything you’ve spent.  Conversely if you spent to fix a 7 foot problem you only wasted your money on the last foot.  This is true when building a levy and it is true when developing a life-safety and security plan.

When building a home it is important to know how many stories we intend to put on the foundation prior to pouring the foundation.  If we are only ever going to build a one story house then the foundation can be much less robust than if we are building a 50 story condo project.

When developing a life-safety and security master plan it is important to identify how big the organization currently is and how big it intends to become over the next 5-10 and even 20 years.  Not all systems are created equally. 

If I am only ever going to have one office in one building there are a myriad of affordable access control, video surveillance, security and fire-life-safety products that will meet my needs at a very affordable price point.  Some of them have annual fees but in a single building the fees are much like having a cable bill (not something that takes up much mental space on the P&L).  Conversely if I only have one office now but I intend to have offices in the top 50 US cities over the next 20 years or I have one office but we are planning to build out a corporate campus the products I choose for the first office should take into consideration the total cost of ownership and the products ability to function under the demands of the greater foot print.  A couple of extra dollars spent now to fix my seven foot challenge is much better than throwing away my five foot investment only to make a six foot investment.

Your Story

We've heard from several of our customers, and the people their businesses affect, about how their systems have saved lives, saved money, impacted efficiencies or been creative solutions to unique challenges.  We'd love to hear your story if you've got one, and would like to have it published in an upcoming Absco Speak, send it to

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 We know that the best referrals are the great ones that come from someone who knows and trusts you.  So, in the spirit of being a World Champion town, we've got two great Home Game tickets for a Seahawks 2014 game, that will be up for grabs!  Here's how you get in on the drawing:  Refer a business or organization to us, and your name will be entered for every submission, into the drawing, August 1, 2014.  For referral criteria, contact Laurie Hauser at

                    Customer Highlight


"I just wanted you to know what a professional and outstanding crew you sent out today.  Given that our cabling company failed miserably to get everything set up for your crews camera installation, they jumped right in an did what was necessary to get the job done.  I couldn’t have been more impressed and very pleased the way your crew performed.

The new cameras look fantastic.  Management was blown away at the quality of the video the new cameras provided.

Once again Absco came through with outstanding results.  I will not hesitate to recommend your company to anyone needing CCTV systems.

Thanks again for all your hard work in getting this job done!!"

                              Patrick Farrell, Portfolio Manager




Partnering With The WLS

By being awarded a State contract by the WLS, we are now able to provide discounted services to any educational organization that is or becomes a member of the WLS.  This partnership gives schools and campuses the ability to have Absco implement their video surveillance, access control and/or security services without being forced to undergo the bid process. 
Absco has been keeping schools and campuses secure for over 25 years, and we’re looking forward to the new relationships we’ll build as we bring Avigilon, and other educationally focused products to them!


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