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Erick's Insights


Reactive vs. Planning

You don’t have to wait very long between news cycles to hear a news story mentioning somewhere in the world that a horrific event has occurred. In the same week I listened to a story on the attack on the Reina Night Club in Istanbul which I had been to only a few years ago while at an EO event, followed by a horrific shooting at the Fort Lauderdale Airport baggage claim, a place that any of us could have found ourselves in. However, developing good plans takes long-range thinking rather than knee jerk reactions to tragic events. Good policy and plans are not developed in response to an individual’s horrific action, though far too often that is the catalyst to initially doing something. 
It is nearly impossible to stop the first act of violence. Please don’t misunderstand me. I am not saying that we don’t work on better mental health policies and continue to explore the balance of liberty versus need for intelligence, but as long as we are going to live in a free nation we will never stop every evil act. The question is: can we create in our building design and system design safe havens, rapid situational awareness, and rapid response? Can we empower emergency responders to quickly identify who are the bad-actors and effectively track their movements within a facility and the immediate vicinity?  
Some solutions such as access control, site lock down, and partitioning of facility access in emergency situations can create the very types of safe havens that are needed in emergency response. One of the latest tools in the arsenal for rapid response that Avigilon has developed is video analytics that provide rapid identification and tracking of movements of an individual across all of their Networked Video Recorders through a facility. This particular tool has a plethora of potential uses from tracking asset movement, to locating missing children, to tracking suspected pickpockets and other criminal activity. It is up to all of us to accept that our world is not entirely safe while living life to the fullest. We shouldn’t live life in fear, but we should be vigilant and wise in the ways we design our facilities and the systems that operate them.

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Trends and Technology


CHICAGO – Talkaphone is pleased to announce that the new Wall Mount S was awarded the New Product of the Year award in the Emergency Communications Systems category by Security Products magazine.

The recently launched Wall Mount S was specially designed for close quarter, high foot traffic areas. At only four inches deep, the low profile wall mount will permit high visibility and discourage suspicious behavior in less visible and hard to secure tight spaces such as hallways and stairwells. 

Constructed of vandal-resistant, marine-grade 316 stainless steel, the Wall Mount S is designed to withstand extreme weather conditions and common deterioration. The low profile design also makes the wall mount ADA-compliant for means of egress walkways.
To read the entire article please click the link below:
Wall Mount S Article

What's New


Sony IP Cam Backdoors - Daily Security Byte


Researchers found two hard-coded accounts and passwords in a large range of Sony’s IP-based security cameras. Attackers with access to these cameras’ web interface could use these credentials to take over the camera, even forcing access to a command line (CLI) interface. With botnets like Mirai actively looking for new victims, these sorts of IoT backdoors could but your IP-based cameras at risk. Watch our Daily Security Byte for the highlights, and if you own vulnerable cameras be sure to check out the firmware updates in the Reference section below.
Please click the link below to watch the video
Backdoors - Daily Security Video

What's Happening


WA fusion & CAP Training

At Absco we partner with our clients to identify overarching factors, even if they might be outside our direct scope, so that we can be assured our solutions and efforts fit within their plan.  We place ourselves into the perspective of our clients, and see ourselves as responsible members of the community as well.  To this end our company participated in a Community Awareness Program (CAP) class provided by the Washington State Fusion Center, which provides a basic overview and understanding of terrorist and criminal activity.  Not only does this help us in understanding the objectives our solutions support, but also teaches us how to identify potential issues in general while we are on customer sites and working within the community.

The Washington State Fusion Center melds multiple government agencies at many levels to provide a unified response to terrorism and threats to the public.  Through their website you can report suspicious activities, find links to related agencies, schedule free trainings, and find out more about how they can be of assistance and how your organization can help.  We can all promote the safety in our communities through awareness, collaboration, and support of each other.   
Click Here: Washington State Fusion Center

Team Spotlight


Sandifer Deer

Senior Project Engineer

Sandifer is one of our newer team members and over the last six months has been active in evolving with and managing to a standardized business practice. Sandifer has a ton of experience which shows in his efficient and practical applications of both fire and security systems. He continues to make himself available for business needs while very effectively managing his time to provide continued support for the front line.

Sandifer also just received his master's license with the state of Washington. The master electrician license is a combination of an EL06 and administrator’s certification. This is a critical step as Sandifer continues to evolve the role of project engineer with electrical/fire code and design. This certification is a corporate attribute that will enhance our business and customer experience.
Sandifer has been an outstanding support to both back of the house and front of the house applications since he has come on board. We truly appreciate Sandifer’s willingness to educate us all on pertinent topics to continue to make us a great organization. These last six months have also seen exceptional support as it relates to project design and management. He is a talented addition to the Absco team.

Customer Testimonial


Walt Robinson

Facilities Manager

Silver Lake Water & Sewer District

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