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Erick's Insights


Justifying the Life-Safety
and Security Budget

I've often been asked, “How do you justify the life-safety and security budget”?  My answer is always the same - solve a real business problem or protect something of significant enough value and it’s easy to justify.  That usually elicits the response of "such as?"  This response takes some understanding of the business and client demographics of the person I am speaking to.

For example: 

Higher Education: in a higher education facility, parents send kids to school to get a great education that will provide them a great career.  They expect their children to come home safely to that career. A university that does not take my child's safety seriously is not an institution my child will be attending.
In a distribution facility, making sure the right parts went out to the correct customer and being able to visually verify that high cost items did in fact ship, can save a huge amount in false claims of missing items.  Whether it is timber, computer chips, or high value bottles of alcohol-being able to prove to a client that they were sent the correct product or being able to quickly resolve that they weren't, solves a real business problem.  It is far less expensive to review digital video than to ship the same product twice or, worse, get in an argument with a valued customer who has a legitimate claim and (potentially) ruin customer loyalty.
In venues such as a grocery store, parking garage or stadium-what is the ability to negate a false slip and claim worth?  How about reducing internal or external shrinkage by 40% in a retail space?  Or what is the value of safeguarding the intellectual property of a company or the brand of an organization?   What is simply keeping the operation up and running or keeping a disgruntled employee out of the building worth?
Justifying the life-safety and security budget often has more to do with not having enough, perception of the real issues and how to solve them than it does with what is being spent.  If we truly understand what is at stake, there is often more budget available to solve real issues than would otherwise be reluctantly spent.  Our job as security and facility leaders is to dream big enough to solve challenges worth solving and provide a potential return on the investment that we are asking to be made.  
If you need assistance with this, or would like to discuss possibilities or problems, please feel free to give me a call personally and I will gladly give you an afternoon to assist in building your strategic life-safety and security plan.

Make it a great day!
- Erick

Trends and Technology



Roughneck® Cameras

The popular Roughneck® dome and bullet network cameras are being updated with new features at a lower price. These cameras are targeted for high-end installations that demand powerful performance and extremely rugged protection from vandalism. Vicon will be transitioning to these new cameras and phasing out previous models in the next three months, depending on demand and stock.

The new line of Roughneck cameras will focus on the most popular models for the most extreme environments. As such, some original lower resolution dome models will no longer be offered in this series. For more cost effective options, Vicon’s line of IQAlliance-mx series cameras offer a wider range of options at different price points.

To read more about these cameras
Full Vicon Article

What's New


 H4 Fisheye Camera Line 


Watch this video for a first look at the H4 Fisheye Camera Line as Product Specialist, Shay Shariatzadeh, demonstrates the 360-degree panoramic view and powerful client-side de-warping engine.

This cost-effective, easy-to-install solution is designed to provide broad coverage with fewer cameras.With the integration of Avigilon Control Center (ACC)™ software, the powerful client-side de-warping engine and virtual PTZ technology enable users to maintain full situational awareness while tracking objects of interest.
To watch the video click the button below
Avigilon H4 Fisheye Camera Video

Team Spotlight


Andrew Fletchall

Director of Operations

Andrew has been with Absco Solutions for nine months, and is our Director of Operations. Andrew previously oversaw national security programs for Nordstrom, and he brings those organizational skills to his role as operations director. He has brought new perspectives and insights to the management team that will help the direction of the company while still helping out with project management and design at the front lines.
He brings a great sense of humor, an analytical mind, determination and hard work to all he does. He is equally comfortable about, and capable of, speaking to overarching security, life-safety and master planning as he is diving into troubleshooting specific issues with systems.
He is driven to perform at a high level and help those around him improve while still maintaining a friendly and fun attitude even under pressure. His Velocity programming knowledge has been a tremendous help to the Operations department (both internally and externally). Andrew's analysis of processes and assistance with design has led to greater efficiencies within the Operations department, and his taking on customer training for Velocity has been a tremendous help to the Tech department.  He is a great addition to the Absco team.

Customer Testimonial


Sam Bird 

Account Manager


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Our Growing Spokane Crew:


We are very excited about the great things to come out of our Spokane office, and are looking forward to building a wonderful team and great relationships with existing and new clients.


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