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Erick's Insights

Video Surveillance - More Science Than Art

I appreciate a great photographer.  I find they have a different eye for the image than I do.  There is a lovely photo in our dining room taken by Rob Simons during a fishing trip he and I were on.  The blue ocean is completely out of focus; the focal point being the brass reels lining the ship’s rail as we troll the sea, the sun reflecting in the gleam of the brass.  Photography truly is an art form and provides much aesthetic beauty, often looking at things from a different perspective and vantage point, using light in unique ways.

This art form is not as valuable, nor the result as pleasing, when applied to video surveillance design.  Having clear, in focus recording of an event, where the light does not change our perception of reality, or block out our view of the event, with enough detail and definition to act on is a much better outcome for video surveillance.   So how do you achieve a great outcome to cover a large area?  In the past the best solutions provided stack view cameras with very low pixels per foot as over-watch cameras and relied on Pan-Tilt-Zoom (PTZ) cameras and those operating them to zoom in on an incident to provide sufficient detail.  A subsequent advancement was the automation of PTZ control correlated to movement identified on the over-watch camera.  While this was better than strictly relying on human control of the PTZ, both solutions suffered from the same challenge-In a highly active scene (like the seats of a theater, stadium or busy street corner), the camera is inevitably rarely pointed at what we want to see and sometimes the changing lighting conditions wash out what we want to see until the focal point is adjusted.

The solution to all of this came with the advent of high-pixel, wide-dynamic light-adaptive cameras.  Now the camera that is over-watch is also the digital PTZ.  Recording at a high enough pixel level allows the entire image to be recorded all of the time and with enough pixels that digitally zooming into the event allows for an actionable level of detail.  Pixels per foot are a calculation, keeping in mind that 50-60 pixels per square foot are needed to identify people or license plates, and that knowing the height and width of a scene can result in selection of a mega-pixel camera that will provide desired detail.  One of our clients recently used this technology along with an API interface to remotely read bar codes on a truck load of tagged product in seconds; something that was previously done manually and with greater error rate.

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What's New

Avigilon Appearance Search
Transforms Video Surveillance

Avigilon's new video analytics technology is a sophisticated search engine that can automatically locate persons, vehicles and objects of interest

Avigilon Corporation, provider of trusted security solutions, announced it will preview the new Avigilon Appearance Search video analytics technology at IFSEC International 2016, ExCel Centre stand G950, in London, United Kingdom. In concert with this announcement, Avigilon has filed the first in a series of international patent applications covering Avigilon Appearance Search.

"Avigilon Appearance Search is a sophisticated search engine for video data," said Dr. Mahesh Saptharishi, Avigilon's Chief Technology Officer and Senior Vice President. "It empowers security personnel to quickly answer the critical questions – who, what, where and when – with decisive action."

Avigilon Appearance Search, Avigilon's newest video analytics technology, automatically analyzes video data from multiple sources to quickly locate persons, vehicles and objects of interest. Avigilon Appearance Search has been designed for Avigilon's complete line of video analytics solutions, and for existing customers to upgrade certain legacy products to benefit from this exciting new technology.
For more information on product availability, please contact

Team Spotlight

Tom Whitaker

Director of Sales

Tom is a true sales leader.  He believes in and invests in his team and supports them to achieve exceptional outcomes.  For the first time in the company's history, Absco Solutions is ahead of its annual sales goal on a 12 month unwanted monthly average.  Tom is resilient, a true team player, and a real professional at his craft. Whether it's cold calling a prospective customer with one of his sales team or pulling together a polished RFP Tom knows what he is doing and he has elevated our sales performance to new levels.
Tom is nothing less than an absolute pleasure to work with.  Not only does he have a marvelous sense of humor, but he is able to keep that same sense of person-ability while still having the company’s best interest in sight.  

What's New

Our Spokane office has been refreshed!


We are very excited about the great things to come out of our Spokane office, and are looking forward to building a wonderful team and great relationships with existing and new clients.


We've heard from several of our customers, and the people their businesses affect, about how their systems have saved lives, saved money, impacted efficiencies or been creative solutions to unique challenges.  We'd love to hear your story if you've got one, and would like to have it published in an upcoming Absco Speak, send it to

Our CEO and President of Absco Solutions in Banff, Alberta Canada

The Absco Solutions Team has been having fun with an "Absco - Knows No Limits" #KNL campaign for a few months.  Check out some of the crazy places you'll find our team.....we'd like to get you on our page too!!!

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