University of Phoenix Stadium Enhances Venue Security with Avigilon’s End-to-End Solution

Jan 20, 2015
Stadium upgrades its surveillance capabilities with state-of-the-art security solution
VANCOUVER, CANADA – January 20, 2015 – Avigilon Corporation (“Avigilon”) (TSX:AVO), a leading global provider of end-to-end security solutions, today announced that the University of Phoenix stadium, home to the Arizona Cardinals in Glendale, AZ, has deployed the Avigilon high-definition surveillance solution to monitor its campus and increase public safety. Home to the NFL Pro Bowl on January 25, 2015, Super Bowl XLIX on February 1, 2015, and many other large scale sporting and entertainment events, the stadium covers 1.7 million square feet spread across five different levels.

“Safety is a top priority at stadiums worldwide. Increased concerns about security threats are causing venues that host large, high-profile events to justifiably scrutinize their security practices,” said Bryan Schmode, chief operating officer, Avigilon. “The University of Phoenix Stadium is leading the way with its commitment to keeping its guests and facility secure. We are extremely proud to provide our solution to one of the most celebrated and visible sports stadiums in North America.”
The University of Phoenix Stadium, with its retractable roof and field, is unlike any other stadium in North America, and a marvel of design, engineering, and technology. This multi-purpose facility, which opened on August 1, 2006, has previously hosted several high-profile professional and college football events or “bowls” as well as numerous international soccer matches, headlining concerts, and trade/consumer shows. Other high-profile stadiums that use Avigilon’s security solutions include Target Field (home to the Minnesota Twins), Rogers Centre (home to the Toronto Blue Jays), and many others.

The University of Phoenix Stadium deployed the Avigilon solution to cover the entire seating bowl and field. In total, the project will add more than 200 Avigilon HD cameras to the facility. The seating bowl and field Avigilon are monitored by 16 Megapixel (MP) HD Pro cameras to provide clear visual detail and the ability to zoom in to select locations as necessary while Avigilon 2 MP HD PTZ (pan-tilt-zoom) cameras provide additional coverage. The system is managed by the award-winning Avigilon Control Center (ACC) software, which enables stadium employees to operate all cameras and search through footage quickly and easily. The project is scheduled to be rolled out in four phases. In the next phase, the stadium will deploy Avigilon’s Access Control Manager (ACM) at additional entry points throughout the facility to ensure entrances and exits are controlled and secured. In addition, new 5 MP HD Bullet cameras will be added to the exterior of the building to monitor the stadium’s plaza. Together, ACC and ACM will provide a complete and efficient monitoring system for the entire stadium.

“We selected Avigilon for its quality products, the image clarity of its cameras, the solution’s ease of use, and because Avigilon delivers a complete end-to-end offering to meet our security needs,” said Peter Sullivan, general manager and regional vice president for Global Spectrum at the University of Phoenix Stadium. “As the host venue for the NFL Pro Bowl and Super Bowl XLIX, we look forward to the confidence and security Avigilon will provide our facility and the guests who will be attending these great events.” 

ZanderWatch is a remote video guard service created to replace the typical fixed guard service offerings. ZanderWatch was created to provide our customers with a more efficient way to protect their investments while saving money and providing a clear R.O.I. We operate from a main central station with deployment of electronic surveillance and video analytics to act as a physical guard. With the new innovations in technology, we are now able to strategically install video surveillance throughout any structure and constantly monitor your investments.

Using the Avigilon Access Control we can build the ideal security perimeter to best suit our customers. Technology now allows us to patrol 24 hours a day 7 days a week, with our number one concern being your investment.

Once an alarm has been triggered, one of our highly trained guards will remotely access the site to identify whether there is an actual event taking place. Once it has been determined that an event is taking place, ZanderWatch will activate an audio feature installed in the surveillance system called “talk down” that will let the trespasser know they are being recorded and identified. After the proper steps have been taken to clear the designated perimeter we will then alert the authorities and confirm the dispatch. This will lead to a faster dispatch as a licensed third party is identifying the event.  In the event that a false alarm has been triggered we will remotely tour the premises and insure that unnecessary personnel is not dispatched saving time and money.   

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