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Continuing with our tradition of delivering innovative security solutions, we are excited to announce the availability of a new in-ceiling mounting option for the Avigilon HD Micro Dome camera. This new mounting option provides significantly reduced installation times while still delivering superior image detail and the most cost-effective transition to high-definition video surveillance. The mount’s new spring-loaded mounting mechanism allows for installation without the use of tools, with a 3-axis gimbal for quick and accurate camera positioning. For additional information or for ordering please contact us at


                     Absco Team Spotlight!

                                       Deric Hitzemann, Design Lead

Deric has been a part of the Absco family for just over 8 years.  Deric brings an expertise in CAD design and best practice standards to our Design Department, that we couldn't do without! 

When we have complex or basic design needs from our customers, Deric brings the same level of detail and excellence that provides the rest of the technical team with a foundation to implement well.  The personal conviction and skill that he brings is only second to the quick smile and easy going disposition that he adds to his day-to-day interactions.  Deric has an ever present desire to do things “the right way” and produce a high quality product….and that’s the heart of what we want to achieve across the board.

We hear it from our customers often, but want to say it ourselves....Thanks Deric, for being a great contributor to  the Absco Team!!!


The Heart Of Campus Security

                          By Erick Slabaugh

At Absco Solutions we are honored to partner with campuses such as Seattle University and Seattle Pacific University for 20+ years.  And some of what I’ve learned came from where my career first started in the industry as a fire alarm system designer.  The basics of fire alarm system design make a great analogy for campus security.

First: start with the end in mind.  What does the design need to accomplish when we are done.  In fire alarm design this means understanding if the facility is an auditorium which requires voice evacuation or an office building which requires substantially less.  In a campus this means making sure the systems we deploy are all capable of handling the broad spectrum of events they may be used to address and capable of integration with one another to automate the way in which we address them.  These systems include:
  • Intrusion Detection
  • Mass Notification
  • Access Control
  • Emergency Communication
  • Video Surveillance and Video Analytics
  • Building Management and Automation
  • Fire Alarm
  • Situational Management Software
When designing a fire alarm there are four key areas of concern:
  • Detection
  • Notification/Communication
  • Auxiliary Functions
  • User processes for interacting with the system and environment
Designing a master security plan is no different


The first thing is to determine what we are trying to detect followed by the proper means to detect it.  With a fire alarm system we want to detect fire and a kitchen is a likely place for a fire to start, but we never put a smoke detector in a kitchen because it would suffer far too many false positives.  The same is true with the security measures we deploy.  We want an optimum chance of detection with a minimum level of false positives. 

Some things we may want to detect as part of our security plan include:  An actual break-in, unauthorized access to a building or during off hours access, a door being propped open, an employee under duress, car prowls, vandalism or graffiti, theft, prowlers in normally unoccupied spaces around a dormitory. 

It is important to deploy  detection in each of these cases that will minimize false positives while providing an alert to abnormal events.


Communication in its best sense is bi-directional and today comes in multiple formats.  It is critical that there be a plan for communication based on event type prior to the event occurring.   The plan should include who is communicating, how they are communicating and what is being communicated based on anticipated events.

Some of the means for how we communicate include cellular phones, text messaging, Emergency Call phones, land lines, Emergency Evacuation systems, fire life-safety notification, digital reader boards, and in some instances networked computer alerts.

As to the who and what are being communicated, these are specific to the event and the campus.  Some items to anticipate may include: work place violence, fire, tornado, active shooter, assault, chemical spill, flooding, power outages, or response to theft or vandalism, among others specific to your campus.

Auxiliary Functions:
This is where the integration and planning come in.  With a fire alarm system this is the elevator recalling to the first floor because there is a fire in the elevator lobby on the third floor and we don’t want the elevator stopping on three.  With a security plan this is the red button that locks down the campus when there is a severely adverse event, and the fire alarm door holders releasing so additional indoor spaces are secure to segment access and provide safety zones.  This is cameras automatically coming up on hot screens when the intrusion alarm or staff duress switch goes off adjacent to them.  This is the HVAC systems closing down all external vents when a chemical spill occurs adjacent to the building.   Lives can be saved in the creative ways we involve auxiliary functions. 

On one campus that was suffering from a graffiti artist taking artistic license with their main campus sign, the auxiliary function involved triggering a sprinkler system and activating a camera.  The sign was watered down washing off the yet-to-dry paint and the would-be artist was soaked and apprehended.

User Processes and Procedures:
It is very important to recognize that the wrong time to develop a process or procedure is in the midst of crisis.   Tunnel vision is something that happens under duress.  It is not seeing a complete picture because the mind is overwhelmed by imminent stress.  My hope is that your campus is never tested by a chemical spill, or a fire, or work place violence, but equal to that hope is that if it is, you’ve prepared who responds, how you and your facilities will react to the event, what you will communicate to the occupants of your facilities during the event to enhance their safety, who will coordinate with emergency responders and even the media.  All of these things are important when developing your plan.

I will close with this:  I was recently quoted in the media as saying that no campus or school district will upgrade all of their systems as a result of recent media coverage because it is cost prohibitive.  The rest of what I said was omitted from the report which was this: It takes forethought, long range planning, consistent investment and partnering with vendors and manufacturers that don’t lead to a costly end of product life-cycle to achieve a truly great security plan.  The best time to plant a tree is twenty years ago, the second best time is to do it now.

Your Story

We've heard from several of our customers, and the people their businesses affect, about how their systems have saved lives, saved money, impacted efficiencies or been creative solutions to unique challenges.  We'd love to hear your story if you've got one, and would like to have it published in an upcoming Absco Speak, send it to

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                    Customer Highlight

"I have been working with the fantastic team at Absco Solutions since 1996.  I see their technicians annually for the fire alarm horn test.  I can count on Ken Day to answer any questions or help me trouble shoot any problems with my alarm panel when needed.  Julie is great with getting me on their schedule as soon as possible when I need a technician out for service work. The team at Absco Solutions is always professional, polite, reliable and on time. I foresee continuing to use them for  years to come."  

- Civetta Apartments  

Lisa Tittle, Civetta Property Manager





Partnering With The WLS

By being awarded a State contract by the WLS, we are now able to provide discounted services to any educational organization that is or becomes a member of the WLS.  This partnership gives schools and campuses the ability to have Absco implement their video surveillance, access control and/or security services without being forced to undergo the bid process. 
Absco has been keeping schools and campuses secure for over 25 years, and we’re looking forward to the new relationships we’ll build as we bring Avigilon, and other educationally focused products to them!


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