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Erick's Insights


Serving Our Community - In a Unique Way


This year Absco Solutions and Avigilon had the privilege of serving our community in a unique way.  We got to set up video surveillance for Seafair and with it we got to see Seafair from some unique vantage points.  We mounted two 30MP cameras from the Hydro Pits tower (one facing the pits and the other facing the medical tent and VIP area).  We also implemented cameras at each of the gates and beer gardens.  All of this was set up for 6 days’ usage.  I have to extend a special thanks to the Avigilon team and Dan Norton and Andrew Mendez for their hard work to implement this and to the entire Absco team for making this possible.  
Walking around the site with my IPad and viewing the hydros being prepped was amazing.   Sitting in the stands and watching the Blue Angels was a sight to behold.  I knew we did something right when the Friday night wind storm hit and we were told that the Command center at Boeing field utilized the cameras to assess damage and needed repairs.  I really knew there was benefit to the system when we'd planned to tear down on Sunday but received a request to keep the system up until Monday.  
Seafair is a treasure of the NW.  It is one of the most iconic and unique festivals in the world.  Spanning the length of the summer, building community, building memories and providing affordable fun (you can attend any of the events for free), it is truly a gift to the NW and it was a privilege to enhance the security of the premier event of Seafair weekend.  With pride for our community and thankful we live in one of the most beautiful spots on earth-Thank you team Absco and Avigilon for all you do, and to the Seafair Team thank you for all you do to serve our community.

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Customer Testimonial


Richard L. Andersen, CFE, ICD.D

President and CEO


What's New

Cage, Cabinet, and Locker Control

Like most access control systems, the Hirsch Velocity system and Mx intelligent controllers can manage access through doors, turnstiles and gates. It is common for organizations to need controlled access to more than just doors, but often to shared storage devices like drug storage cabinets, weapons storage lockers and racks and cages in data centers, which most other systems overlook.

Real-world applications of this capability of Hirsch systems include narcotics storage drawers in pharmacies, elevator floor control, access to individual server racks in datacenters to weapons storage lockers at courthouses and police stations. Users can specifically control and manage the following elements:
  • Which users can access which controlled point
    • By individual point  (only one cabinet or drawer unlocks when a valid code is presented to the ScrambleSmartProx device
    • By groups of points  (more than one cabinet or drawer may unlock)
  • Authentication Level – PIN only or Card plus PIN – different users can be assigned different levels of authentication.
  • Access parameters – set privileges by day or week, time of day, start and stop dates, number or days of use, holiday schedules and more.
To read the entire article, please visit Identiv by clicking HERE.

Trends and Technology 

VOIP-200 Series IP Call Station &
AVM-1 IP Video Attendant Phone Integration


Talkaphone announces a cutting edge and fully integrated access control system with head-end IP video attendant phone and two-way IP call station. The VOIP-200 Series Call Station interconnects with the AVM-1 (Grandstream GXV3275) IP video attendant phone to provide a one-stop solution.

With the ability to connect to up to 30 VOIP-200 Series IP Call Stations, the AVM-1can monitor and regulate entry points through the call stations using video and voice communications. The AVM-1 unit will receive basic factory pre-programing to integrate effortlessly with the VOIP-200 Series and includes technical support. Advanced telephony features (requires SIP-based PBX) include: forward, call park/pickup, shared-call- appearance (SCA)/bridged-line- appearance (BLA), virtual MPK, hot desking and server redundancy & failover.

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Team Spotlight


Dan Norton


Dan came on-board in his twenties, and has now celebrated his 25th year with Absco Solutions! He has performed at a higher level each and every year, is the keenest leader we have on the team, and is a great counterbalance for Erick. He has held the office of President since April, 2015, leaving Erick free to pursue longer-range business goals.

Dan has a very efficient and streamlined approach to operations.   He works countless hours to make sure that any project he is working on is up to his high standards. This way the customer is happy but Dan is happy that Absco did its best to support the customer’s needs. He is always willing to lend a hand, discuss technical issues and provide overall support in the most professional manner. It is always a pleasure to have Dan in the office and have the continued opportunity to learn from him.

Who We Are

Our Spokane office has been refreshed!


Our Growing Spokane Crew:


We are very excited about the great things to come out of our Spokane office, and are looking forward to building a wonderful team and great relationships with existing and new clients.


We've heard from several of our customers, and the people their businesses affect, about how their systems have saved lives, saved money, impacted efficiencies or been creative solutions to unique challenges.  We'd love to hear your story if you've got one, and would like to have it published in an upcoming Absco Speak, send it to

Scott, down at Komo Plaza by the Space Needle enjoying the sun!!

The Absco Solutions Team has been having fun with an "Absco - Knows No Limits" #KNL campaign for a few months.  Check out some of the crazy places you'll find our team.....we'd like to get you on our page too!!!

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