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Erick's Insights


Strengthening Cyber Security 

Last week, as part of my Rotary meeting, I had the pleasure of attending a post-presentation question and answer session with Joe Cirincione, an expert on nuclear weapons policy.  We had the opportunity to discuss cyber vulnerabilities related to nuclear arsenals.  In most instances significant segments of a nuclear program's software is "air gapped", meaning not connected to an external network for security reasons. But in the case of the Iranian centrifuges, which were air gapped, they were still able to be damaged by the spetznas virus.  What was the vulnerability?  It was the human element and the physical world.  Just one person with ill intent and a flash drive can take down or modify a major system, even when it’s not connected to the Internet.
Yes, businesses and governments alike need to continuously harden their cyber security systems to protect against cyber terrorism, cyber ransom, and the theft of intellectual property, but hardening virtual targets is only one step to eliminating the threat.  There’s a whole other area of “hardening” that needs to happen: background checks, limited physical access and correlating physical with virtual access to systems (e.g.  If I am not in Kabul why is a Kabul IP address trying to use my login?).  Here’s a reminder that only by approaching cyber security from the digital angle, the human angle and the physical angle can we truly improve security of vital systems. 

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- Erick

Trends and Technology


uTrust TS Readers



Are you stuck in a reader rut — high prices, long lead times, and limited proprietary choices and formats? Well, there is a way out, thanks to the uTrust TS Family of Physical Access Readers offered by Identiv.

Following global standards for communication, encryption, and authentication, Identiv’s uTrust readers can support virtually all low-frequency proximity formats (HID, Indala, AWID, CASI-Rusco, etc.), and high-frequency contactless smart card formats (MIFARE, DESFire, iClass CSN, PIV, CAC, TWIC, etc.) in single or dual-frequency configurations. High-frequency transactions can be secured with ISO-standard, non-proprietary mutual authentication and encryption techniques, eliminating the threat of card data harvesting and cloning by unauthorized devices.
Identiv’s uTrust readers can communicate with just about any back-end access control system through a configurable Wiegand interface, and also support bi-directional RS-485 (OSDP2) communications. Government versions are FIPS201, FIPS140-2, and FICAM compliant. There are even versions with an IP port, enabling Power over Ethernet (PoE) now and other functionality over time.
Identiv uTrust TS Readers - Full Article

What's New


ETP-500 Series


Talkaphone continues its dedication to innovation with the ETP-500 Series Emergency Call Stations. Beginning in early December of 2016, the ETP–500 Series Call Stations will be Talkaphone’s main analog model line. The ETP-500 Series has all the functionality of the previous analog ETP-400 Series Call Stations but with the added standard benefits of IP-66 rating for harsh weather environments, dual LED call progress lights and built-in Voice Location Identifier.
More on the ETP-500 Series

What's Happening


WA fusion & CAP Training

At Absco we partner with our clients to identify overarching factors, even if they might be outside our direct scope, so that we can be assured our solutions and efforts fit within their plan.  We place ourselves into the perspective of our clients, and see ourselves as responsible members of the community as well.  To this end our company participated in a Community Awareness Program (CAP) class provided by the Washington State Fusion Center, which provides a basic overview and understanding of terrorist and criminal activity.  Not only does this help us in understanding the objectives our solutions support, but also teaches us how to identify potential issues in general while we are on customer sites and working within the community.

The Washington State Fusion Center melds multiple government agencies at many levels to provide a unified response to terrorism and threats to the public.  Through their website you can report suspicious activities, find links to related agencies, schedule free trainings, and find out more about how they can be of assistance and how your organization can help.  We can all promote the safety in our communities through awareness, collaboration, and support of each other.   
Click Here: Washington State Fusion Center

Team Spotlight

Byron Hansen

Lead Technician 

Byron has been with the Absco team for 3 years and is one of our lead technicians.  As technicians often are, he is typically thrown into situations where the square peg doesn’t fit on the round hole.  He has shown an amazing ability for critical thinking and providing an effective solution to an issue. 

More explicitly, Byron was made lead tech/project manager on a challenging account.  Byron was able to turn this account around and the customer wants to exclusively use Absco to support their electronic security needs.  The customer has even asked for us to support them outside of our wheelhouse because they like Byron so much. Byron has a very professional attitude with an understanding of the client needs while maintaining perspective and keeping objectives on course.  He is great at building a team atmosphere with internal and external customers.

We truly and sincerely appreciate all of his support and candid feedback to make us all better at what we do.

Customer Testimonial


Walt Robinson

Facilities Manager

Silver Lake Water & Sewer District

Who We Are

Our Growing Spokane Crew:


We are very excited about the great things to come out of our Spokane office, and are looking forward to building a wonderful team and great relationships with existing and new clients.


We've heard from several of our customers, and the people their businesses affect, about how their systems have saved lives, saved money, impacted efficiencies or been creative solutions to unique challenges.  We'd love to hear your story if you've got one, and would like to have it published in an upcoming Absco Speak, send it to


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