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Friday, February 10, 2017
Above: TSDC Administrator Academy presenters Candace Moore, Donald Sibley and Robert Spicer lead a training in Joliet, IL for Will and Grundy Counties on June 3, 2016.

Dear colleagues, partners and friends,

Welcome to the Transforming School Discipline Collaborative (TSDC) newsletter. TSDC is an interdisciplinary team of attorneys, school psychologists, policy advocates and community partners dedicated to supporting districts and schools to implement equitable and non-exclusionary discipline practices. You are receiving this message because of your interest in working to produce more safe, healthy and inclusive schools throughout the state of Illinois. 

As we reflect on the work we have done, we want to extend our deepest gratitude for your ongoing support. Over the last year, with your help, we have trained over 800 school administrators in 21 Administrator Academy trainings statewide. As we move forward into this new year we are excited about the opportunities to:

  • deepen our existing relationships with our partners and stakeholders
  • provide more innovative and meaningful supports to school administrators and staff and
  • expand our network of people who are committeed to transforming school discipline across Illinois. 

As a recipient of our newsletter, you will be the first to hear about these developments and about other tools and resources that we will roll out in the months ahead. If you’d like to unsubscribe at any time, you can do so by following the link at the bottom of this page. Thank you for your partnership. We look forward to remaining connected with you and building stronger schools for all.

All the best,
Transforming School Discipline Collaborative

Get to Know TSDC | Meet Dr. Pamela Fenning

Professor of School Psychology - Loyola University Chicago, School of Education

How did you first become involved with TSDC?
I first became involved with TSDC after collaborating with a colleague of mine at the Loyola University Chicago Law School, Miranda Johnson. She and I, along with others doing similar work, began to meet and discuss how we could work together on school discipline reform, particularly issues of equity and racial/ethnic and special education disparities that are so common. TSDC started in a very organic way and has expanded and grown in response to a variety of Illinois and national issues, including how best to support school districts in realizing the full spirit of recently passed Illinois discipline legislation (e.g., SB100) and wider calls for discipline reform across the US and beyond. 
Why school discipline?
As a former school psychologist and now someone who has the honor of working with school psychology graduate students and educational professionals, I have seen  first-hand the devastating consequences of exclusionary school discipline (e.g, suspension/expulsion) with young persons, particularly youth of color, those with academic problems and/or with unidentified diverse learning needs. I believe that there are many more viable prevention-oriented and evidence-supported behavioral, academic and social-emotional alternatives that keep young people in school where they belong and help them to be successful. When young people are successful, schools and communities thrive, in my opinion. Finding alternatives to excluding youth from schools, while supporting teachers, administrators, school based mental health professionals and educators, helps to make that happen.
What do you enjoy most about this work? 
I most enjoy the privilege of working with the already practicing and soon to be practicing educators, school psychologists, child advocates and legal professionals and hearing the voices of those historically marginalized by the consequences of school discipline, which are the families and the young people which are the reasons for  this work in the first place. I learn so much from collaborating with others, including undergraduate, graduate and law students and professionals from a range of disciplines. I am a truly believer that we can only solve complex problems such as school discipline and its associated consequences (e.g., entry to the juvenile justice system) in a cross-disciplinary fashion and learn from each other, which is the basis of TSDC. I am really lucky and humbled to be doing this work and learn something daily from it.
For a complete list of TSDC members and partner organizations, please click here.


February 28, 2017
Dolton School District #149
Calumet City
Closed enrollment

May 5, 2017
West 40 ISC #2 
Open enrollment

May 25, 2017
Mundelein High School
Closed enrollment

June 23, 2017
ROE #26
Open enrollment

For a complete list of upcoming trainings and to learn more, please visit our website. If you're interested in scheduling Administrator Academy #1717 or other trainings, please e-mail us here.

TSDC's goal is to support a statewide network of partners working towards meaningful school discipline reform. 
To date, the majority of Administrator Academy #1717 trainings have taken place in and around Chicago, but some have been conducted in Central and Southern Illinois, like Galesburg, Bloomington and Robinson. To view a complete list of previous and upcoming trainings, please visit our website.


Developing Prevention-Oriented Discipline Codes of Conduct - Pamela A. Fenning, Ph.D. and Miranda B. Johnson, J.D., M.P.A. - Children's Legal Rights Journal - 2015

Ecologies of School Discipline for Queer Youth: What Listening to Queer Youth Teaches Us About Transforming School Discipline - L Boyd Bellinger, Nicole Darcangelo, Stacey S. Horn, Erica R. Meiners, and Sarah Schriber - Inequality in School Discipline - 2016

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