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Emotions are running high people! I can feel it, you can feel it, and it's great to see that we are all under the pressure. 

Why is that great? Because it means there is no more time for pretending to be nice instead of real. It means that we are ready. The universe has decided that it is time for us to stand in our power. Congratulations! Your life is about to change forever :)

Spiritual Linguist - Melanie Brockwell

Permission To Be (Powerful)

The Art of Living in Two Worlds

Has she gone mad?

Quite possibly. I had an amazing hypnosis experience this morning and turned up all of my dials. There was a wave of adjustment that took me out for an hour. Transition and channelling will do that. It's all part of the plan.

Butterflies by Njaj

When people tell me they are out of control or emotionally unstable I wonder how they could miss it. After all, it's no small insignificant item easily lost beneath the couch or behind the bathroom door. It's a large, protruding object jabbing us in the ribs at every turn.

I'm talking about the wave.

Here's the thing. When life is busy, we feet tired and take a break (or at least know that we should). When life gets emotional, we assume there's something wrong with us. Why? Because emotions are evil. They mean we're suffering and out of control...

Ah, not quite.

Whatever is going on in your day, the world is communicating a special message that's just for you. Everything on your path is a means of delivering this special message and emotions may be one form of communication that the universe knows you will pay attention to.

It knows that you can't ignore them or suppress them. Not for very long. Not like you can with physical pain and annoying people.

It knows that you are connected to your emotional body and that means it's the one point this message can get through when all else fails. When you ignore the back ache, the lethargy, the bad dreams, the aggravation, and the traffic jam, there is always the wave of emotions.

By the time it gets to this last resort there is quite a bit of energy behind the message and it might feel like shouting. It might even feel like kicking and screaming and banging your head against the wall, repeatedly. If that's the case then perhaps you need to sit down to fully embody the distortion, to let the wave flow through you...
Acknowledging your message can be tricky. It might take some practice. Learning to listen is a full time job so there is always a period of transition.

Truth be told, there is only transition. There is no such thing as  an emotional or spiritual plateau. We step into our power for an explorative exchange where nothing is certain and all we can do is feel. And yet, you are not alone...

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Why distortion?

Think about music.
Music is the distortion of a wave.
Some songs we like and others grind us.

Whatever our flavour, we tune to the distortion that echoes our emotional body. Different cultures have been brought up with different melodies and scales. At different ages we discover different styles of expression which echo the state of our emotional body. Music is our friend, it keeps us company.

Emotions are our friend too, they keep us connected.

When we have cut ourselves off from all the other messages trying desperately to get through, our emotions are there to remind us. They slow us down, they make us vulnerable, they teach us how to make sound and take up space.

And with each lesson, they sculpt the circle we live in as well. People will show their true colours when we are emotional. They will fear our honesty or recognise their own distress. Either way, they will love us more for opening our hearts or make room for someone who will. Someone we deserve to share our message with.

Emotional wisdom

We teach the people around us to accept our idiosyncrasies. Through our example we also teach people how to ride the wave. Because wisdom can only come from experience, there is no way to trick yourself when a wave of energy comes your way.

Whether we surrender to it or struggle to avoid it, our experience is making us wiser. We become aware of the limits of our trust in the universe to protect us, and to truly ensure that we have everything we need to fulfil our purpose. Including our circle.

If we are standing in our power then the people closest to us need to know what's going on even when we can't explain the 'cause'. This is not about justifying our feelings, we are opening ourselves up to the lived experience in a sacred circle.

The thing to remember is this - if they are in the room when you experience a wave, then it is their soul's choice too! It is just as important for them to witness and sit with your emotional wave as it is for you to embody it. 

You do not control who needs to share your waves.

You do not control how other people will react to your waves.

You do not control when the waves will flow through you.
The only control you have is to separate the wave from your sense of self worth. You choose to welcome the wave and know that it has nothing to do with punishment or reward. The wave is a sacred message moving through you because you are the most powerful conduit for this part of the experience.

You play a vital part in the orchestra when you allow the wave to flow. We are grateful for your courage, for your willingness to be the conduit of such a powerful message. Can you see the gift in your emotion? Is it empowering?

If not, can you begin to explore the possibility?

Imagine you are a precious child. That your experiences are crucial for the survival of the planet, but that we do not need you to do anything in particular. Instead, what we need is for you to embody the experience you are having right now!

We need you to feel the wave and let it wash through you as an expression of the moment. We need you to sing in the medicine that helps you feel whole. We need you to rest when the energy is high and to run when the room is playful.

Most of all, we need you to know that everything you do is important. That all of your feelings and desires are tied to the whole.

The more expressive and honest your experience, the more healing you bring into the world. We all benefit when you know to trust your heart. There is nothing more powerful than a child in full flow. Be the child of the universe your soul longs to be!

What if I look crazy? What if I'm late for work? What if the emotions take me on a slippery slope and I never come back?

Looking crazy is just what the world needs if you being emotional looks crazy. Whatever the world needs, it's in your expression of the wave.

If you're late for work because you took the time to do your real job - express yourself - then I guess we all needed you to be late. We can't know why, we can only know that it's more important to pay attention than to tick boxes and play the game.

As for rabbit holes and slippery slopes, you might dip into unfamiliar bodies of water for a while and channel some unpleasant experiences but whatever is coming through you is sacred. Once it's flowing you do not have to sit in it. You are not filling a bath tub, you are opening a valve to channel energy from where it comes into contact with your soul. Once it has touched your soul, it changes forever!

You are always channelling. This is not something new you have to learn. It is a natural part of being on this planet. Just become aware of the waves flowing through you as sacred messages and the practice won't be so traumatic.

You hit your thumb with a hammer and wait for the pain wave. You stand in your purpose and embody the alchemy that is life on this planet. If you want to stand in judgement or resist the emotions, then channelling is going to be exhausting, distressing, and unsatisfying. When you start to ask the question "what is the message?" of physical pain, of emotions, of scenarios, of obstacles, of unfamiliar experiences...

then you are consciously channelling energy.

Channelling Energy Effortlessly

This is what I help people to do.

Each situation requires a different perspective to help us see the message and how to transform the energy coming our way. It takes practice to recognise which strategy works best in what situation. Intuitive reflection is the easiest method.

If you can stay connected to the intuitive feedback in your life, then you can channel energy effortlessly without any further training or support. If you would like to know more about how Louise and I play into these areas, then visit our website.

Finding Peace

Studying sociology I was fascinated by human development - especially identity, learning, behaviour, and sensory perception - which inspired me to look closely at the brain. By combining quantum mechanics and what we now understand about the mind-body connection I have taken my work with 'embracing our dark side' to a whole new level.

Being an intuit allows me to make connections that you can take with you! To teach you how to do it for yourself, that's my passion. I facilitate the process giving you Permission To Be (Powerful)!

Now that I'm more comfortable with who I am and what that means, I see the differences between us outweighed by the experiences we share. I see the struggle for self-acceptance and grave discomfort with empowerment as central to our search for peace and joy in life. That's why I have dedicated my life to being an intuitive therapist and teacher, delivering messages, and tuning to the love-light frequency. 

This newsletter is one way for me to channel source messages to those in resonance with my experiences of Living In Two Worlds. Please feel free to share it with someone who might benefit from knowing that we are not alone.

Our tribe has different words for love but our hearts are open to the nameless power that brought us together today looking for a way to remember who we are... I see you!

Love & Light
Melanie Brockwell
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