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Tuesday, October 8,

Join Us in a Special Open Meeting!
We invite you to a special meeting to learn about ecosocialism. Share in discussion and consider how to become involved with the Vancouver Ecosocialist Group. Tuesday, October 8th, SFU Downtown (Harbour Centre), Room 2520, 7pm.

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"We look around at current politics and massive, coordinated, intelligent and ambitious action doesn't strike us as particularly plausible. In fact, it might strike us as impossible. But that is where we are stuck.... between the impossible and the unthinkable. So your job... anyone who hears this... for the rest of your life... your job is to make the impossible, possible." Click here for more of the video. (David Roberts)

The Vancouver Ecosocialist Group has formed because we believe that challenging the deepening climate emergency is a fight for the survival of humanity and the Earth as we know it. We join in common struggle with all who seek to bring human economic pursuit into harmony with the other species with which we share the planet. Averting ecological and social crisis will inevitably require confrontations with capitalism, which we believe will ultimately have to be replaced with ecosocialism.

New Video of Event Now Available

The recent inaugural events in Burnaby, Vancouver and Victoria of the Vancouver Ecosocialist Group were a great success! A full capacity - 200 person crowd in Vancouver came to hear Jane Sterk (outgoing leader of the British Columbia Green Party) and Fred Magdoff (Professor Emeritus in Plant and Soil Science and co-author of "What Every Environmentalist Needs to Know About Capitalism"). Videos of the event are available here.

Basis of Unity

Please visit this page to review our newly created document "Initial Basis of Unity". This is a living document which will develop, but for now gives our local group direction. If you think you could be a part of helping to build this group in Vancouver and in British Columbia, we would like you to join us!

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