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Monday, October 21,

Join Us for our Next Meeting!
SFU Downtown (Harbour Centre)
7pm, Room 1500

Jane Sterk & Fred Magdoff

The September 23, 2013 inaugural events in Burnaby, Vancouver and Victoria of the Vancouver Ecosocialist Group were a great success! A full capacity - 200 person crowd in Vancouver came to hear Jane Sterk (outgoing leader of the British Columbia Green Party) and Fred Magdoff (Professor Emeritus in Plant and Soil Science and co-author of "What Every Environmentalist Needs to Know About Capitalism"). Videos of the event

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Vancouver Ecosocialist Group (VEG)

First Open VEG Meeting Focuses on Joint Action, Unions, and  Education, By Gene McGuckin, VEG member.  VANCOUVER, October 8 – The need for unified actions by British Columbia's numerous environmental groups was primary among a few recurrent themes at the first open meeting of the Vancouver Ecosocialist Group, held this evening...more
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Report on the Powershift BC conference, Victoria BC, Oct 4-6, 2013 By Roger Annis and Ann Grant, Oct 7, 2013. The Powershift movement in Canada was launched at a conference in Ottawa in 2012 attended by 1,500 people. The movement began at a conference in Washington DC in 2007 and came to Canada several years later. It will hold six regional conferences across Canada by 2015, including one in Victoria BC from Oct 4 to 7...more

Corporations in our Heads is a new and exciting undertaking that investigates how the messages from corporations have colonized our individual and collective psyche and affect our relationships with each other, with ourselves, and with the planet in profound ways....more

New Video: Kahsatstenhsera: Indigenous Resistance to Tar Sands Pipelines here...

Taking on Capitalism, U.S. Torture and Dictatorships, Costa-Gavras on New Film, Le Capital and Decades of Political Filmnaking, on Democracy Now

Vancouver Ecosocialists at Vancouver Idle No More Day of Action

....There are no more powerful people than ours. To have survived scalpings, biological warfare (smallpox blankets), forced sterilizations of our women, deaths and torture in residential schools, the theft of tens of thousands of our babies from our families, the over-imprisonment of our men and women, the hundreds of murdered, missing and traded Indigenous women, and the pre-mature deaths of our peoples from contaminated water, lack of food, over-crowded housing and poor health -- is a testament to our strength...more

Rising Tide: Hoodwinked in the Hothouse

New Publication: Desperate to avoid climate regulation that may affect profits, polluting corporations are working hand-in-hand with governments, presenting a dizzying array of false solutions that deepen inequalities in our societies. There is a clear agenda: Manage the climate crisis without compromising profits, the power structures or the economic system that got us here, even if that means exacerbating the problem...For full PDF
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