Judge Ramos Sets Briefing Schedule in Voter ID Case, Rejects State’s Attempt to Stall 
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To: Texas Press and Other Interested Media Representatives
Fr: Garry Jones, Lone Star Project Communications
Dt: 8/25/2016
Re: Federal District Court Judge Ramos Sets Briefing Schedule in Voter ID Case, Rejects State’s Attempt to Stall
Today Federal District Judge Nelva Gonzales Ramos set a briefing schedule to determine whether Texas state lawmakers passed SB 14, Texas’ Voter ID law, with a discriminatory intent. In Judge Ramos’ order, she told both parties to present their findings to the court by November, 18th 2016, submit responsive briefings by December 16th, 2016, and ordered the parties to appear for oral arguments on January 24th 2017.
In addition to laying out a clear and reasonable schedule for the parties, Judge Ramos also rejected an attempt by Ken Paxton to postpone action on the question of discriminatory intent based on his public statements that he will appeal the 5th Circuit decision to the Supreme Court. In her order, Judge Ramos said “Until Defendants take their appeal and until this Court is divested of jurisdiction to proceed, the Court has a duty to the parties to proceed with the adjudication of this case without unnecessary delay.” 
Paxton has been all talk and no action on a SCOTUS appeal
The Lone Star Project noted just two days ago that despite Texas AG Ken Paxton claiming he will appeal the 5th Circuit decision to the Supreme Court, the state has yet to officially act. Last week Paxton appeared on national TV and said “We’re going to take it to the highest court in the land and hopefully get this turned around.” As we noted in our report, Paxton typically officially files cases and makes public announcements about their filing around the same time. So why is the state attempting to stall?
By asking the Court to delay based on an empty threat to appeal to the Supreme Court, Ken Paxton and Greg Abbott are stalling and continuing to exploit Texas taxpayers who are being forced to fund the defense of a discriminatory law. Ken Paxton and Greg Abbott know that compelling evidence exists to prove that the Texas voter ID law was adopted with the intent to discriminate.
An additional finding of intent to discriminate – if upheld on appeal – not only establishes that Texas Republican leaders acted with a discriminatory purpose, but could lay the ground work for Texas being required to have future laws become subject to a federal review before being allowed to go into effect. 
It is important to note all four of the previous court reviews of the Republican passed Texas voter ID law have resulted in a ruling that the law discriminates against Texas citizens.  Instead of moving to settle the case and end the litigation, Ken Paxton and Greg Abbott have chosen to bluster and stall.  
August 25, 2016
Contact: Garry Jones
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