Paxton Video is a Con Job…
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Ken Paxton Video is a Con Job…

on His Supporters

Yesterday, Ken Paxton released a video message to supporters that takes the same dishonest con job approach that got him indicted in the first place.

In the video, Paxton tries to downplay the seriousness of the criminal charges against him and presents himself as a victim.   During the very first minute, Paxton looks straight into the camera and lies about why he is under criminal indictment, who gathered the evidence, who handed down the indictments and who is prosecuting him.

Here are some of the false statements made by Paxton followed by facts:

Paxton says: “I never imagined that after being fairly elected by the people of Texas I would wake up one day to find myself charged with crimes I didn’t commit.”

FACT:  Paxton admitted and was fined by the State Securities Board for one of the crimes that resulted in an indictment by May 2, 2014 – several weeks BEFORE he was nominated for Texas AG and six months BEFORE he was elected.

Paxton says: “The Chief witness against me in these charges is a political adversary of mine.”

FACT:  Paxton’s principal accusers are a former friend and legislative colleague, Republican State Representative Byron Cook, and a Florida businessman Joel Hochberg who trusted Paxton with his savings.  They became adversaries only after Paxton swindled them.

Paxton says:  “Some folks are still upset that their moderate candidate didn’t win.  There are those folks that are mad that I’m a conservative Christian and made no bones about it.  They say that people of strong faith don’t belong in public service.”

FACTS:  No one participating in Paxton’s prosecution has expressed political or ideological differences with him and none have questioned his faith or the right of any person of faith to serve in public office.  Here is who is involved in the criminal investigation and prosecution of Paxton:

Bottom Line:  

Paxton is in a cold sweat panic about Texans learning more and more details about his ongoing felony criminal prosecution.  He’s dealing with it by lying to, and keeping facts from, even his most trusting and ardent supporters.
May 12, 2016
Contact: Matt Angle
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