Cruz Key to Paxton Win
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Ted Cruz Support Critical for Indicted Texas AG

Cruz’s "good man" faces three felony counts for swindling Texans

Ted Cruz wants to be President and is among the ten Republicans who will take part in the first major GOP debate later this week. Cruz has built his reputation by lashing out at other politicians while presenting himself as someone willing to address an issue straight-on. So why is Cruz now refusing to talk about Ken Paxton, the indicted Texas Attorney General he backed and campaigned for last year?

Cruz backed Texas AG Ken Paxton

Sitting Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton has been indicted on three very serious criminal felony counts involving defrauding fellow Texans. If convicted Paxton could be sentenced to up to 99 years in the state penitentiary. 

Cruz support key to Paxton’s nomination

For anyone asking the question: "How did a candidate like Paxton who already had a long record of unethical practices get elected as Texas Attorney General?" the best answer is "Ted Cruz."
The race for the Republican nomination for Texas Attorney General was wide open in 2014. Paxton faced two other major candidates in the race, and none of the three were considered to be a favorite. The dead-heat nature of the race changed when Ted Cruz backed his close political ally State Senator Ken Paxton.

Cruz's support of Paxton was a signal to the extreme Tea Party activists who now control the Texas Republican Party. Paxton easily led the field in the first round primary and then stomped a more mainstream Republican candidate in the run-off.

Is Cruz laying low to avoid controversy before GOP debate?

Ted Cruz has called for the resignation of at least three Obama officials over policy disagreements and even said members of the U.S. Supreme Court who disagree with him should resign.
However, now that Ken Paxton has been indicted and is fighting to stay out of prison, Ted Cruz is laying low and refusing to make any public statements about the indictments. Clearly, Cruz’s support for Paxton has put him in a jam. If he speaks out in support of Paxton, he must explain how he can continue to back a politician facing evidence that he committed felony crimes. If he backs off of Paxton, he will anger Tea Party activists whose support he needs to compete in the Republican presidential primary.
Comments by Lone Star Project Director Matt Angle
"Ken Paxton is an ethics dumpster fire started by Ted Cruz.
"Cruz backed Paxton for Texas Attorney General and gave him the boost he needed in the Republican primary to beat a more qualified opponent. Just a few weeks ago, while prosecutors were closing in on Paxton, Cruz said Paxton was a ‘good man.’
"Now, Ted Cruz needs to start cleaning up the mess he created and explain why he urged Texans to elect a man who swindled other Texans to enrich himself."
August 3, 2015
Contact: Matt Angle
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