Trump in Texas: Tests Abbott's Nerve
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Trump in Texas: Can Abbott Find Nerve to Denounce Trump’s Racist Comments?

GOP governors across the country have denounced Trump, will Greg Abbott?

On the heels of national criticism for questioning the ability of a federal judge to carry out his duties because of his race, Donald Trump will be in Texas raising funds for his floundering presidential campaign. Republican leaders across the country have called out Trump for his hateful rhetoric—the Republican Speaker of the U.S. House called Trump’s comments a “textbook definition of a racist comment” and U.S. Senator Lindsey Graham called the comments “un-American.”
With Trump in Texas this week, Greg Abbott has a chance to speak up, call out Trump, and demand a retraction. More importantly, Abbott has the opportunity – and responsibility –  to speak up for Texans whom Trump has repeatedly attacked throughout his Presidential campaign.
When running for Governor and campaigning on the border, Greg Abbott promised that he would push back against anti-Hispanic rhetoric in the GOP and “ensure from the top of the ticket to the bottom of the ticket in our party that we are reaching [out] to send a positive message. . ."
So far, Greg Abbott has broken his promise to Texans.  The revelation that Abbott’s campaign received $35,000 from Trump after Abbott’s AG office pulled down a law suit against Trump University raises real concerns that Abbott has been leveraged by Trump.
Abbott has the chance to demonstrate meaningful separation from Donald Trump.  Can he find the courage?

Other GOP Governors who have found the guts to take on Trump:

Ohio Governor, Josh Kasich: "Why would I feel compelled to support someone whose positions I kind of fundamentally disagree with?" he told Fox News.” [CNN, 6/9/2016]

Wisconsin Governor, Scott Walker: "In particular, I want to make sure that he renounces what he says -- at least in regards to this judge," Walker said.” [CBS, 6/8/2016]

New Mexico Governor, Susana Martinez: “Martinez spokesman Chris Sanchez said Thursday that the governor strongly disagrees with the presumptive GOP presidential nominee’s claim that U.S. District Judge Gonzalo Curiel cannot preside fairly over a case involving Trump University because the judge is of Mexican heritage and Trump wants to build a wall between the U.S. and Mexico.” [Las Cruces Sun-News, 6/9/2016]
Tennessee Governor, Bill Haslem: “To say that because of someone’s heritage or their ethnicity that they are unable to provide fair judgement is just wrong. It’s just not how the judicial system works in our country and not how it ever can work,” the governor told The Tennessean.” [Tennessean, 6/9/2016]
Nevada Governor, Brian Sandovel: “Nevada Gov. Brian Sandoval says he’s not totally sure whether he’ll vote for Donald Trump…The moderate Republican governor issued a statement Tuesday saying he has major concerns with the Republican nominee’s “escalating tone and rhetoric.” [Reno Gazette-Journal, 6/8/2016]
Massachusetts Governor, Charlie Baker: “I said before that I don’t think Donald Trump has the temperament to be president. I stand by that comment.” [Politico, 6/13/2016]
June 15, 2016
Contact: Matt Angle
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