Paxton Trying to Dodge Conviction
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Paxton Trying to Dodge Conviction on Technicalities

Paxton avoids substance to lash out at judge and criticize procedure

In a flurry of legal filings yesterday, Ken Paxton demanded that the criminal felony indictments against him be dismissed. None of his motions or related filings address the substantive charges that led to his felony criminal indictments for fraud and swindling. 

It was the courthouse equivalent of a temper tantrum. Paxton lashed out at the judge who assigned the grand jury that indicted him and whined about a procedure he says was “…vindictive action meant to publicly embarrass and humiliate…”

Paxton Pinning Hopes on Special Treatment and Technicalities

Ken Paxton’s sense of entitlement certainly has not been diminished by three felony criminal charges that could ultimately send him to the state penitentiary.

Statement by Lone Star Project Director Matt Angle

"Ken Paxton can’t enforce the law at the same time that he is running from it.

"Paxton’s legal maneuvers are the fearful actions of a criminal defendant and are inconsistent with the actions of a Texas Attorney General who must earn and hold the respect and confidence of the public."
November 3, 2015
Contact: Matt Angle
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