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August 15, 2019

Top Stories

O'Rourke looks to hit reset button
The Hill

O’Rourke came off the campaign trail when the shooting happened, and has been a powerful voice of support for the victims... The key political question now is whether O’Rourke’s campaign can gain some much-needed momentum as the mass shooting fades from the headlines.

El Paso, racism and rhetoric: The growing toll of bigotry in America
NBC News

For some Americans who are members of racial, ethnic and religious minority groups — long the targets of President Donald Trump’s rotating ire — the way that hate and violence can combine has moved from the realm of historical knowledge to known risk to, now, looming fear.

Allies worry Trump is "running out of tools" to boost the economy

With #TrumpRecession trending on Twitter, a source close to President Trump told Axios, "I’m very worried about the latest economic data. A lot of us are concerned. Without the narrative on the economy, he can't win." The backdrop to all of this is that Trump knows he needs a strong economic run into November 2020.

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