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Helping in Action children's book is released! 
Karen Fournier and Nick Roussos at his recent book launch party.  Starstream Productions, LLC created Nick's book promo video.

Click here to watch the video of Nick's incredible story and how growing up in Africa inspired his children's book!
Order Nick's Book on Amazon!

Nick is incredibly adventurous!!  Nothing stops him from having fun and enjoying each day to the fullest!  Nick is an inspiration and reminder to us all that life is joyful and full of promise.

Ropes course!  The smile on Nick's face says it all.

Nick loves visiting schools and also speaks at various venues around the state.  Think of Nick if you are looking for that special speaker for your next event!

NICK'S BOOK LAUNCH SPEECH -- Inspiring beyond belief!

"When I first began writing my book, it was on several small pieces of scrap paper that were stapled together.  Even though it didn’t look like much, I had a greater vision of what it could become.

Now, I have my first children’s book in my hand.

This is a breath-taking experience, and I am so happy you all could be here to celebrate this moment with me.  I am excited to finally be able to share my story.  (Nick went on to thank numerous family, friends and community members.)

When I got my first response from the publishing company, Create Space, it was news I needed to expand my story. I was frustrated and scared. How could push myself to continue working when I thought I was already done? I did find the motivation, and I am so happy with how Helping in Action, turned out. I am glad I pushed myself to try.

Life can be intimidating, or exciting. It all depends on how you think about it. If you view a situation as being scary, then you will feel anxious. If you feel anxious, chances are you will not be up to facing a new challenge.

I find that if I overcome initial negative thoughts, I will feel excited about a new experience. If I am fired up about something, you can bet I will do it!

I hope that my journey can be an inspiration to you all. Do not limit yourself, you are capable of amazing and great things- nothing can stop you from pursuing your dreams. And do not place limitations on others, especially those who are differently abled. When allowed to soar it is surprising how high and far any person, despite their challenges, can reach.  

Thank you all for allowing me to soar. I hope you enjoy my story. " 

Nick Roussos


Starstream Productions has begun production for a series of videos featuring the war veterans homelessness-prevention program, Home Again.  This program has been extremely successful in placing returning veterans into more stable home environments.  This will be a terrific program to showcase -- stay tuned!

A fabulous day filming at Carter Lake for A Wandering Botanist.  Topics for these episodes:  the yucca and the prickly pear.

Fantastic day filming for Djembe Jive's record-breaking 7th project with Starstream Productions, LLC!  The multigenerational circle included special-needs children;  ALL involved had so much fun!  Nancy Brauh-Curnes is a master facilitator.


If you are an entrepreneur and want to improve the quality of your DIY YouTube videos, this workshop is for you!   

You will learn easy, inexpensive tips to improve the quality of your sound, lighting, and backgrounds.   In this two-hour, hands-on workshop, we will set up a simple mini-studio by assembling a backdrop and working with a simple, inexpensive light kit.    It's surprisingly easy - with some simple modifications,  you can even make your smartphone work for you with pro results!  You will walk away with a cheat sheet, links to where to find what you need, and the knowledge and confidence to finally get online!    Free bonus:  Starstream Productions will film a clip of you for your website or Facebook page!   You may join a small-group workshop or Karen Fournier can work with you one-on-one to help you with a custom setup at your own site.    Dates/times TBD by interest.   Contact Karen Fournier at  for more information!

Lucy Morgan of is ready to roll with online videos after Starstream Productions, LLC helped her set up her in-home studio.

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