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Dallas Ansar Newsletter - March 2014
Local Ijtima 2014

Eat, Pray, Love (and Compete) 

Dallas Ansarullah will have the local Ijtima, Insha Allah, on Sunday 6th April from 9AM to 6:30PM. This is a fun and activity filled event with (food comes first, right) outdoor and indoor activities and knowledge competition. Have you tested your basketball hoops recently? Can you throw those horseshoes and win? How about a running race? Or a game of volleyball?

We will also have a special discussion on the topic of the month - Domestic Harmony - at 2:15PM. If we have to save our family from the fire of Hell, we need to create heaven at home. How do we do that? Are our wives happy? What is domestic harmony? Let us discuss.

Ansar Priorities
Ansarullah Priorities
  • Brotherhood
  • Helpers of Allah
  • Communication
  • National Ijtima
Second Thursdays

You are invited to attend Holy Qur'an class second Thursday of every month after Isha'a prayers at the mosque. There is also a class for beginners in Holy Qur'an. Make use of these blessed opportunities and please pray for the brothers who are volunteering their time and effort for these.
A personal story from a brother in Dallas
This story is in the present. This is my war on my anger issues. When you think of anger issues, you might be thinking of some stereotypes. Don't have to. Look at the mirror. Do you know the best mirror you have at home is your spouse and children?
Being strong is always a positive trait. But not being able to cope up things you do not like is not always good. What is the surety that what you say is the ultimate correct thing? That's the problem I had. I believed my position is right and slowly was losing the tolerance to accept my mistake. Definitely it was arrogance that I was building within myself, unknowingly but proudly.
It took years for me to realize this. I got married, Alhamdulillah a great loving wife who squeezed into my mold. Then we had wonderful children. With the children, my anger issues became very visible to myself. I tried to control my anger – tried applying all the principles; sitting down, drinking water, counting to ten… but when anger hits it was completely blocking the way for any of these ideas as well. I kept failing.
Of all these years I have been thankful to Allah for all the blessings he showered on me. I thought if He decided to get angry with me like I do to my children, what would be my state? That fear trembled me. A brother once explained why our beloved prophet Muhammad (sa) commented if it was allowed to worship a living being, he would have asked wives to worship husbands. The worship was not a status symbol. That means what the family is expecting out of us husbands. A kind heart. Someone who can forgive and continue supporting. Oft-returning. Someone who will hold hands when in difficulty and carry in arms when things get worse. Am I that husband? Do my family reach out to God through me?
Then came the topic of arrogance. Our Sadr sahib covered various hidden arrogances we all face everyday and how strongly Promised Messiah (as) has condemned that. Am I being arrogant with my children?
Yes, getting angry is sometimes needed. I found “getting angry” is not the real problem. It is “how” do we express that anger. That's where the arrogance comes up instead of a divinely inspired response.
Fortunately, I am on a path of recovery now. I will not claim I am any good, but at least I am better. My wife and kids stand witness to it. This transformation is possible through prayers. For people like me who are not strong in getting results from prayers, we need to improve the quality of our prayers. From my experience, here is a suggestion
  • Identify arrogance around you. Idea is not to blame others, but to understand what arrogance means. For weaker souls like me, it is easy to identify faults with others. Then try to map arrogance in yourself. That's the real step.
  • See if you are being divine to your family. Do you act the way you want Allah to act to you?
  • Remember you have the responsibility of running the home. It’s your responsibility to keep your wife and kids at peace. If you lose peace, that's not an excuse against your family. But if they lose, its your fault.
  • If kids are driving you crazy, instead of showing your anger to them, try thinking – these kids are wonderful beings. Why are they acting like this? Are they under stress? What I am trying to help them? Is showing anger the right response?
  • All along, keep praying. Take to congregational prayer when possible. Not at home. Get to mosque or a salat center. Spend longer time in your personal sajdas.
  • Set up a goal for any task you are doing. A goal beyond what is normally possible with your best put effort. As Sadr sahib says “where math does not add up”.  Pray for it with all your heart and see the magic happening. When you reach your target, insha Allah you will see yourself to be mellow. That all your prayers been accepted.
  • I will tell you the toughest part is to stay there and keep the pace. A fall from a higher altitude is always riskier.
Brothers, this is my journey. Seeking your prayers for me to keep my pace and altitude. If you try these steps, hope you will share with more brothers as well.
Your brother
Do you have a story to share? Write to us your experience of prayers or of someone dear and near to you. This is to proclaim the blessings of Allah and to motivate our fellow brethren. Your story could get published in the national newsletter and/or the upcoming new webpage of Ansarullah. 
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