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Message from Khalifatul Masih (from Friday Sermon Jan 3, 2013)

First, I wish to say to all of you and to all Ahmadis spread throughout the world, that may Allah bless the new year. I have been receiving such congratulatory, prayerful, mubarakbaad [blessings] messages from individual Ahmadis, from Jama’ats and from Ahmadiyya Jama’at institutions. May Allah bless this new year for them all and for all Jama’ats. And I convey this prayer, this blessing, with the message that Allah, the Almighty, may, by His sheer Grace, fill this year, more than before, with the signs of His Mercy and Grace and Blessings.

This is, of course, the prayer of every Ahmadi, as it should be, and most certainly is, but just to convey a mubarakbaad, a prayer for blessings, customarily is of no benefit. It is, in fact, like the the act of the worldly minded people if we convey these mubarakbaads, these messages of blessings, without having the desire and without praying to be granted, the Grace, Blessings and Mercy of Allah the Almighty.

Such desires and wishes would serve no purpose, and these prayers also would achieve nothing, if we do not employ and make use of those capacities and abilities that Allah has bestowed upon us for attaining these bounties of God, and fail to act on those things which Allah has directed us to carry out.

It is not enough for us to get together and offer voluntary prayers in congregation on New Year’s night if we also do not develop the feeling that now we have to try, as far as possible, to continue to offer these voluntary prayers every night; and have to improve the standard of our worship to acquire the Grace of God; and have to try in our daily practical life to do everything with the sole motive of winning the pleasure of God.

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Department of Education has announced the first of its quarterly book review competition open to all boys and girls below the age of 20. The book for the quarter is Blessings of Prayer by The Promised Messiah (as). How to enter?
  • Read the book thoroughly. Its only 67 pages in all. Available online here
  • You can discuss the book and content with anyone - including your parents or on online forum at Spiritual Fitness website
  • Write a review in your own words. Try to limit within 2000 words, but its okay if you want to write a longer review. You can use references, please cite them at the end. 
  • Submit your review before Feb 23 sending to our Secretary of Education

Cash prizes waiting for you!!! 

The schematic design and layout of the mosque has been finalized and its features were highlighted to Amila and Jamaat members.The architect will now move into the next phase of making the design drawings for submission to the city for their approval.

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Do you know we have Salat Centers in Denton and Wiley now? If you want to set one up in your neighborhood, please contact Sec Tarbiyat
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Mar 30 - Muhammad - Messenger of Peace Conf.
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Weather forecasters warn the Polar Vortex could come back. If you still want to drive during icy days, check out these advices from DoT. 
Drones to Doves

Tired of scary stories of drones engaged in spying and killing? A new set of Doves are now filling the space - literally! These are the so called nano-satellites - tiny satellites about the size of doves.

These are made possible with advances in the availability of standardized off-the-shelf components that greatly reduce both the cost as well as size of these satellites.  Of many applications, one company is targeting to create an imaging constellation of 28 satellites. They will place these satellites around the earth in a configuration that will let high res pictures of the whole of the earth’s surface for 365 days a year ; and once every 3.5 hours. This technology also has the potential to be used for humanitarian purposes for example the high frequency of imaging could potentially be useful in detecting global changes in crop cover, construction, animal migrations, pest infestations, surface water, natural disasters, refugee camps, sea ice, pollution, traffic patterns. And since these are available in private sector and at lower costs, these images are expected to be available in commercial market at an affordable price too.

Hopefully they will remain "doves" and not turn into "hawks" - at least in the short term.

Contributed by: Basil Cheema

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