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Dallas Ansar Newsletter - March 2014
Ansar Priorities
Ansarullah Priorities
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  • National Ijtima
Organic Farming 

Want to join a fast growing Organic farming community? You dont need to be a farmer nor apply for a farming subsidy. If you can spare a 4ft x 4ft space in your backyard, and 5 min daily to water it - you are in. Contact brother Tahir Malik to know more
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Lets get real
Our next monthly meeting will Get Real when we discuss how we are treating our elderly. What is expected out of us and how we fare at that. Thats on Sunday 4th May 2014 starting at noon. 
Love thy neighbor? Prove it!

Islam has put so much importance to neighbors - so much so that one of the companions, after listening to Prophet (sa) said he worried neighbors will even have inheritance on one's wealth.

In this country and in cities, how will you even know your neighbors? How can you share when personal privacy becomes the core issue? Here is what brother Daud Nasrullah has done. Does it work? Well - his neighbor stopped him once on the street and asked him if he could get them a bottle of honey from Costco. Now, you decide. 

Getting to know someone and getting closer to someone is not easy if you wait for that to happen. Its not true that people do not want to get closer. But it has so become that by default people do not have trust in each other. So no one wants to take the first move. 

What I did was simple. Knock that barrier off by making the first move. Once its gone, you will see the river flowing in perfect melancholy. During the Xmas season, I bought a pack of Greeting cards,  packed them nicely, put my name, address and a brief intro and a note "If I can be of any help, please do not hesitate to knock at my door" and dropped at every mailbox on my cul-de-sac. In a week I started getting replies and thank you notes. What I could see is people coming out as if they were waiting for someone to extend a hand. I have all sorts of neighbors - an Irish family who lives next door, an American husband with an Indian wife who loves soccer, a Vietnamese couple to name a few. 

Now I am well connected with my neighbors. I had my oven fail as I was expecting guests over dinner; my neighbors kitchen was left open for me. When my neighbor ran out of rice at home, he did not hesitate to knock at my door - literally! And vice versa too. Recently my neighbor stopped me while I was driving and asked where I am going.

"Costco. You want something"
"Yes can you buy me a bottle of honey?" 

Thats the freedom my neighbors have with me. Now, you tell me if people like privacy or human love?

Daud Nasrullah
Do you have a story to share? Write to us your experience of prayers or of someone dear and near to you. This is to proclaim the blessings of Allah and to motivate our fellow brethren. Your story could get published in the national newsletter and/or the upcoming new webpage of Ansarullah. 
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