Aftermath of Typhoon Maysak
You Can Help!
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Dear Praying Friends,
Thank you for holding these islands in constant prayer!  Although there was massive destruction, the Lord preserved the lives of the people in the outer islands of Yap.  Following a storm of this magnitude, the hearts of the people are tender to receive the message of the Gospel. Please pray as I will be making an emergency trip to Yap Sunday April 5th to assist in typhoon relief efforts. 
A ship is leaving on Monday for the outer islands. Our goal is to put as many resources as we possibly can on that ship to reach the hearts of the people for the Gospel. We have already begun to purchase tarps and basic necessities. If you would like to be part of this effort please reply to this email with a commitment to help in any amount. The hardware store in Yap has graciously allowed me to have an open account to purchase whatever we need to get on that ship, therefore I need a ballpark figure of the resources available. 

Below is a link to donate directly to the church in Guam that is coordinating the relief efforts.
In the picture: 
Masency (Pastor James's wife) is holding Jamie in front of where there house once stood. Though they lost everything, it is obvious that the joy of the Lord is her strength!  
Pastor James and Masency moved to this island less then a year ago to start a church. They have faced stiff oppositions, but have shown resilience and a strong commitment to the Gospels advance on the Ulithi Atol. Both James and Masency are graduates of Harvest Baptist Bible College. They have two children.

Our goal is to stabilize the missionaries to these outer islands so that they can reach out to their community. Thank you in advance for your help and sacrifice in this needy time.
Praising the Lord,  Paul