December 21, 2018
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 Time is ticking, close Remedy tickets

Recent noteworthy changes in ServiceNow:
  • Incidents can now be converted into Support Requests.
The ServiceNow project release on December 15, 2018 included the following:
  • Addition of 'Facilities' and 'Postdoctoral Services' domains on the Services and Support portal.
  • Implementation of the Astound machine learning technology to route incidents.
  • Launch of the School of Medicine (SoM) computer inventory project.
Additional information can be found on the Release Notes.

Tips and Tricks


How Do I Convert an Incident to a Support Request?

If an end user logs a ticket as an Incident but it should be a Support Request, a fulfiller can easily convert it. This allows groups using Support Requests to resolve their tickets with their applicable Business Functions, Classification Codes, etc. 


Astound Predict Uses Artificial Intelligence to Route Incident Tickets

ServiceNow includes an Artificial Intelligence (AI) plug-in to assist with Incident routing. The plug-in scans information in Incident forms and uses artificial intelligence to route the form to the proper assignment group.


Why Do My ServiceNow Records Look Different?

If you log in to ServiceNow and notice that your view looks different than it normally does (i.e., key fields are missing from a form), there are a few things that can be the cause. The most common reason is the 'Default View' is not set.

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Service Spotlight

Claudia Dencker, Director of Special Projects from University IT, has been the Project Manager for the ServiceNow project since it officially kicked off. In addition to taking on the tireless effort of leading such a long, wide-spanning project, she graciously took on additional tasks including managing the Advanced Reporting effort and taking on the role of the CMDB Process Owner. Claudia will be retiring in January 2019. Her contributions have been unparalleled. She will truly missed by the team. We wish her the very best on her retirement and thank her for the wonderful job she has done.
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