January 31, 2019
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  • Reminder: If you have an open Change Request in the 'Draft' or 'Assessment' state, and it has been decided to not make the proposed change, please cancel the Change Request.

Tips and Tricks


How Do I Export a ServiceNow List Report to Excel?

List reports allow fulfillers to customize the data they are viewing by configuring columns and adding filter criteria to display the information that they need. While viewing the reports directly in ServiceNow ensures the most current data is being retrieved, fulfillers may encounter times when exporting data to Excel is necessary. 


How to Write ServiceNow Knowledge Articles (Style Guide)

Knowledge Management includes leveraging best business practices, using consistent publishing standards, ensuring quality and maintaining existing continuity. This Style Guide provides publishing guidance and is not intended to be all-inclusive. Publishers exercise good judgment in combination with the guide to produce quality articles.


How Do I View ServiceNow Tickets That I am Watch Listed On?

The Watch list is a field, located under the Notes tab, on a Support Request, Incident, or a Request (RITM only). This provides the option of adding yourself, or other users that are interested in tracking the status of the ticket.

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Service Spotlight

Julie Nelson, Senior Communications Specialist from University IT, enthusiastically led several ServiceNow training sessions. She instructed hundreds of fulfillers in preparation for their migration onto the platform after absorbing the material with lightning speed. Julie has gone above and beyond, taking the initiative to create easy-to-use guides for fulfillers. Her positive and uplifting attitude makes her a pleasure to work with and we are thankful for her contributions on the project.
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