Issue #20 February 27, 2020
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New York, New York!

On March 21, 2020, ServiceNow will be upgraded to the New York release. This release is a technical upgrade and is necessary to stay current with ServiceNow’s release schedule and take advantage of all patches and hotfixes. As such, fulfillers and portal users should not see any significant changes.

Once this upgrade is complete,  the ServiceNow team will work closely with the ServiceNow user community to evaluate new features in New York for possible implementation. Detailed release notes will be available in the third week of March.

For more information about this upcoming release, please feel free to reach out via the #snow channel on Slack.

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How to Verify Your Workgroup Members in ServiceNow

ServiceNow workgroups are containers for users that have similar purposes or functions. For example, the workgroup UIT Service Desk contains the names of all Tier 1 Service Desk staff, ensuring each member is notified of new tickets. Workgroups simplify the management of team members, making it possible to quickly add and remove staff as needed.

Managing your workgroup is important for a number of reasons. It ensures that members receive workflow notifications assigned to them. It is also important from both security and licensing perspectives. When a staff leaves a team and moves to another position within the University, they retain the access privileges of their previous workgroup if they have not been removed. Staff should be removed from workgroups as part of the staff off-boarding process. You should also ask if workgroup membership is still necessary for a member of your team who changes their role within your group.  Removing staff from workgroups frees up licenses for others to use.

In order to manage a workgroup, you must have a ServiceNow ITIL Fulfiller License and be identified as a Group Manager.

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Service Spotlight

We are pleased to announce that Whitney Sanford has joined Service Management and Business Relations within the Service Strategy business unit as a ServiceNow Operations Analyst.

In her new role, Whitney will help support the daily operations of ServiceNow. Her responsibilities include troubleshooting system issues, testing and validating fixes and enhancements, onboarding campus partners to the platform, and maintaining ServiceNow documentation and training materials.

Whitney brings over 13 years of experience in technology training and support to her new role. Prior to joining Stanford, Whitney served as the Service Desk lead and primary ServiceNow developer and support analyst at San Francisco State University.

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