March 31, 2019
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  Reminder: Close Remedy tickets

The ServiceNow project release on April 27, 2019 includes the following:
  • An upgrade to the London release 
  • On-boarding of these groups:
    • IT domain
      • PPO IT - Montag website, Slate and Onbase support
      • Office of Public Safety (OPS) - AlertSU support only
    • Faculty & Teaching domain
      • Faculty Affairs
      • Faculty Development & Diversity
      • VPTL Course Evaluations
    • Alumni & Donor Services domain
      • OOD IT
      • Gift Transmittal
      • Medical Center Development (MCD)
    • Finance, Payroll & Budgeting domain
      • Gift Transmittal

Tips and Tricks


What Changes to Expect with the ServiceNow London Upgrade

Fulfillers will not notice dramatic changes with the upgrade to London, however, some new features will be introduced. Dashboards will become available to all fulfillers as well as knowledge blocks and knowledge feedback tasks.


ServiceNow Ticket Security

Stanford's instance of ServiceNow is used by many different business units around campus that support a wide variety of services. Some tickets submitted may contain sensitive data, requiring restrictions on who can see all of the details of the submission. When a ticket is marked secure, only the members of the group that it is assigned to can view the details in its entirety. 

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Service Spotlight

Marshall Day, IT System Analyst from University IT, assists with ServiceNow in many different ways. He is instrumental in the data migration for the onboarding of Campus Partners and he works in supporting the project and production tracks. Marshall's boisterous personality ensures that even if he is not seen, he is most definitely heard. He goes above and beyond to keep the moral of the team high and everyone looking on the brighter side of things. It's rare not to hear him crack a joke or have a witty comeback. More importantly, Marshall never shies away from offering up his help which is invaluable to the team.
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