July 12, 2018
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 Time is ticking, close Remedy tickets

  • Student Services is going live on ServiceNow on August 18, 2018.
  • ServiceNow will be upgraded to the Kingston release on August 18, 2018. 
  • Recent noteworthy changes in ServiceNow:
    • For consistency, all ticket types, including Call, were updated with the fields Preferred contact method, Email and Phone number 
    • On the Call record, 'Save and Exit' was removed. Fulfillers have to select 'Save' to have the 'Call type' drive the next available action to create the appropriate ticket type
    • More information can be found on the Release notes

Tips and Tricks


What Changes to Expect with the Kingston Upgrade

The ServiceNow upgrade to Kingston will include several new features that will look, feel and behave differently than previous versions. Reviewing the upcoming changes is the best way for fulfillers to prepare.


How to Print a Ticket in ServiceNow

On occasion, fulfillers may need to print a hard copy of a ticket they are working on. A printer friendly option is available within the personal ServiceNow settings.


Do You Have the Right Risk/Impact?

The Risk/Impact is set by answering the five questions on the Risk Assessment tab before requesting a Change. The Risk/Impact allows the Change Advisory Board (CAB) to concentrate on the more important changes and keeps the Risk/Impact level standard across all Changes.

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Service Spotlight

Vacilis Kollias, Manager of the University IT Business Systems and Process group, is instrumental in gathering technical requirements and managing bi-weekly ServiceNow production support releases. He is a true Jack-of-all-trades covering topics from reporting to core configuration data to integrations. His patience, strong attention to detail and kind demeanor has attributed to optimal collaboration, strategic planning and continuous improvement of ServiceNow. 
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