May 17, 2018
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  • Effective April 16, 2018, Katherine Pappas-Kassaras, Director of the UIT Service Management, has transitioned to an assignment with the Office of Development and Stanford Alumni Association
  • Remedy on track to be decommissioned this year

Tips and Tricks


How To Fully Transition from Remedy to ServiceNow

Remedy will be decommissioned in December 2018. Our ServiceNow Business Analysts have been working with Remedy groups to gather their requirements and plan their transition to ServiceNow. Each transition also includes the configuration of Remedy to redirect users to the Services & Support Portal.


How Do I Create and Share a Homepage/Dashboard

ServiceNow homepages or dashboards, as some refer to them, allow fulfillers to consolidate information onto a single page. These homepages can either be used for personal use or shared with a group or department to allow users to view consistent information.


What is the Difference Between a Service Owner and Service Manager?

Many have wondered what the difference is between a Service Owner and Service Manager. At Stanford, we often have the same person play both roles but, according to ITIL, these two roles are quite distinct.

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Service Spotlight

Vicky Tran-Vasquez, HR Systems and Support Manager, was a key partner during the University HR migration to ServiceNow. Her leadership, project management skills and follow-up were critical contributions to the success of the implementation.
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