November 30, 2018
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An upcoming release on December 15, 2018 will include the following:
  • Addition of a 'Facilities' and 'Postdoctoral Services' domain on the Services and Support portal.
  • Implementation of the Astound machine learning technology to route incidents.
  • Launch of the School of Medicine (SoM) computer inventory project.
Additional information can be found on the Release Notes.

Tips and Tricks


Where Can I Find ServiceNow Training Material?

For fulfillers new to ServiceNow, or those seeking a refresher, training is available in a few different formats. On-demand videos are listed in STARS and quick guides or more in depth fulfiller guides are also provided. 


What Changes Have Been Made to the UIT Service Offerings After the Reorg?

The CMDB service offerings, websites and data center configuration items (CIs) were updated with the UIT reorg structure effective 10/1/2018. The change can be viewed on each CI on the left-side of the form where Business Unit | Department | Workgroup are presented. Only Department and Workgroup values have changed. 

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Service Spotlight

David Pax, IT Quality Assurance Analyst from University IT, provides quality assurance testing for each of the ServiceNow project phases. David's attention to detail, willingness to lend a helping hand, holistic understanding of the system and great sense of humor make him a valuable team member and ensures deliverables are met.  
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