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Issue #23 June 3, 2020
This monthly newsletter provides essential Service Management and ServiceNow information.

New Service Readiness Checklist 

A new service development checklist designed to ensure your service is production-ready is now available! In addition to detailing critical service development tasks, it provides links to tools, templates, and other documents that explain how to successfully complete each task. This checklist, along with other documents that can help you develop your service, can be found in the Service Management Toolkit.

Michelle Collette, Sr. Service Management Consulting Partner, Service Strategy

Understanding Service Roles

Do you know who the Service Owner or Manager is for your service? Are you curious about what it means to have a service role?  A role, by definition, is a set of responsibilities, activities, and authorities granted to a person or team. In IT Service Management, identifying staff to fulfill service roles is critical for the smooth functioning of your service. A few of the key service roles and their responsibilities include:

  • The Business Owner defines the service vision and roadmap. 

  • The Service Owner creates the service lifecycle roadmap so that it aligns with the vision created by the Business Owner. 

  • The Service Manager is responsible for the day to day activities of managing the service life-cycle.

  • The Technical Operations Owner supports the underlying service technology. For on-premise servers, this is both hardware and software. For cloud-based services, this may mean managing integrations with authentication services and enterprise systems such as ServiceNow.

  • The Business Operations Owner has deep knowledge of the service functionality. They work closely with clients to answer service-related questions 

For a full description of these roles, please visit the Service Management Toolkit.

Michelle Collette, Sr. Service Management Consulting Partner, Service Strategy

Tips and Tricks

Use metadata to help clients find your service

Metadata can be very useful for people who are searching for service information in the ServiceNow portal but don’t know exactly what it’s called. For example, if someone was looking for information or request forms about email and calendar, the metadata could be: email, e-mail, calendar, email and calendar, gmail, google mail, Outlook, Office365, online mail, Thunderbird, Apple Mail, apple email, macintosh email  (yes, intentionally misspell your item for a positive search result!), etc. Any of these search terms show email and calendar service request forms and knowledge articles. To add tags to your service request forms or knowledge articles in ServiceNow, please submit a request.

Kelly Miller Schnaps, Request Process Owner


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