April 19, 2018
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  • University Human Resources (UHR) is going live on ServiceNow on Apr 23, 2018 - Read more
  • Cloud services (AWS and GCP) are going live in ServiceNow on Apr 30, 2018 - Read more

Tips and Tricks


Support Request Available for IT on April 23

Support Requests are now available for IT fulfillers in addition to non-IT groups to use for request management. This additional functionality will help fulfillers request an action by another fulfiller unrelated to an incident, problem, request or change. 


How Do I Communicate with a Client on a Request?

Need more information from a client about their submitted request? Communicating with client about their submitted request is easy, but a little different than the other ServiceNow ticket types. 


How to Get a ServiceNow Direct Link (PCAT) for a Service

Direct links or "PCATS" can be constructed from ServiceNow to ensure that incidents and requests are "directly" assigned to the proper fulfillment group. They can be published on webpages, embedded in applications or distributed to clients in any fashion that is available to them to get quick support.

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Service Spotlight

Karen Grimm with University IT has been instrumental in on-boarding the Campus Partners onto ServiceNow. Her attention to detail, organizational skills and persistence ensured each deployment's success
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