March 22, 2018
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Tips and Tricks


How Do I Personalize a List in ServiceNow?

Lists are commonly used in ServiceNow as an easy way to view data. Fulfillers can modify lists based on their personal preferences on what to be included and in which order. Modified lists are restricted to the individual fulfiller and do not affect other fulfillers’ lists.


How to Verify Your Service Associations in ServiceNow

If you are a Business Owner, Service Owner, Service Manager, or Operations Owner, it is important that you verify your service offerings in ServiceNow. This ensures that your workgroup members receive workflow notifications assigned to them or your workgroup and that data stays current.


The Requirement for Change Requests, When and Why

Did you ever wonder if you needed to create a Change Request for that modification to production you were about to make? Did you ever feel that Change Requests were a waste of time? Read on for your answers.

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Service Spotlight

Sourabha Mohapatra with University IT has been the technical lead on the ServiceNow project since the beginning of the implementation. He has been effective in maintaining the momentum of the project in addition to many other deliverables.  
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