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From Skin and Bones to Happy Hound
Watch Bones's Miracle Story. Click Here
Thank you to everyone who supports Mdzananda, they saved my life - Bones
Thank you to Follow the Spoor for producing this video
The Miraculous Power of Love

Don’t believe in miracles? Well, it’s time to start believing.
This lady and her husband live close to the Mdzananda Animal Clinic. Not too far from their home a stray dog was roaming the area. Their hearts went out to this dog and they started leaving food and water for him outside their house. This dog soon became their pet and wiggled himself into their hearts and home.
A few months later the dog got knocked over by a motor vehicle. The damage was severe and they rushed him to the Mdzananda Animal Clinic. After thorough examination and x-rays by Dr Brian and Dr Blessing it was established that the dog’s pelvis was crushed. The x-rays showed that the damage was so severe that the dog would never be able to use his hind legs again. The vets decided that it would be best to put the dog down as he was in severe pain and he would never be able to walk again.
This is when the miracle happened.
Lazola, our animal welfare assistant, called the owners in to explain the situation to them and that it would be best to put their dog down as he would not be able to walk again. While talking to Lazola, the dog was brought out of the hospital and assisted by staff to urinate. The dog was lying on the ground when he looked up and saw his mom and dad. He miraculously got up. Brocken pelvis and all. This dog’s love for his owners was greater than his broken pelvis. Disregarding extreme pain, he got up and walked towards his owners.
Our doctors could not believe it. It was an absolute miracle. The x-rays showed that it was not possible! To them this was pure proof that love and the mind can overpower the body.
Dr Brian and Dr Blessing decided to put the dog on long term cage rest. This dog’s healing depended mainly upon his own will power to not give up. Today he is safely back at home and walking!
Stab Victim
Sometimes we witness extremely cruel acts of humans at the Mdzananda Animal Clinic. On Sunday the 23rd of March a large dog was brought to the clinic in a severe state. He had been stabbed. Blood was pouring from his wound. As our veterinarians are not on duty on a Sunday it was up to the Animal Welfare Assistant to stabilise the patient. The wound was bandaged, pain killers administered and a drip given.
On Monday morning first thing the dog went in for surgery. During surgery the veterinarians found that the dog’s bladder and kidneys had been severely damaged during the attack. He died on the operating table.
Police were called to investigate the incidence. The owner said that the dog was stabbed because he was attacking another person’s dog while walking past. Instead of attempting to separate the dogs, the other dogs owner stabbed him and left him for his owners to find. Unfortunately the police felt that they did not have a good case against the attacker.
It is so important for us to teach the community about using leads, having enclosed yards, respect for life, compassion and non-violence. We work on this daily and with the launch of our new education centre we hope to increase education to the people. 
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Womble needs a home

Little Womble was brought to the clinic when she was just a few days old. Her eyes and ears were still closed. She was found underneath a taxi vehicle by a kind taxi driver who brought her to the clinic. 

Womble is a healthy little girl, 5 weeks old and a ball of joy and now needs her forever home. 
She is still developing her personality but she is very adventurous considering her age. Not much bothers or upsets her. If she takes a tumble or runs into something, she just gets up and keeps on going. She will be a great dog for anyone. She will be a medium breed.
Please contact marcelle urgently to adopt her. She has a maximum of 2 weeks left at her foster mom. 0823577613 0214331942
Mass Sterilization Campaign

On Tuesday the 25th of February the Mass Sterilization Campaign launched  in Site B, Khayelitsha. In just over a month Dr Miles Penfold, who worked with some of our staff and Animal Welfare Assistants at the Mdzananda Animal Clinic, performed 590 sterilizations for the SPCA! At the same time the Mdzananda Animal Clinic veterinarians and staff sterilized 153 animals, saw 287 animals in consultations, had 60 animals in hospital and treated 191 animals at mobile clinics. What great news!

Help us win R10 000 - R50 000 by voting for Mdzananda


From 7 April to 23 May 2014 all MySchool MyVillage MyPlanet supporters can vote  for their favourite charity. The winning charity wins R50 000 cash donation, 2nd place R20 000, and 3rd, 4th and 5th R10 000 each. Imagine how much good we can do with that! All you need to do is vote tor the Mdzananda Animal Clinic here.

If you are not yet a MySchool MyVillage MyPlanet card holder you can sign up for your card TODAY and vote for us straight away. Signing up is easy. Just follow this link or visit for more information. By being a card holder you donate to us every time you swipe your card.  Every time you purchase and swipe at Woolworths,, Engen and many more, 1% of your purchase is donated to us. 

How to enter and help us WIN! 
Visit to enter the competition.
Type in Mdzananda Animal Clinic in the search box at the bottom.
Insert your personal details and your MyPlanet or Woolworths linked card number and press vote.
Encourage your friends, family and colleagues to sign up for a card so that they can vote too. They will get their card number immediately so that they can vote for Mdzananda.

Be a Cool Dog


Our fundraising and communications manager has strated a trend and she is challenging YOU to follow it. She did the IMPI challenge as a COOL DOG to raise funds for the Mdzananda Animal Clinic.

COOL DOGS into action for Mdzananda! They are our pawsome volunteers and supporters who fundraise for the clinic by challenging themselves and getting their friends and family to sponsor them to do a challenge. Do something to challenge yourself - run a race, play a match, skydive, enter a competition, anything fun and challenging. If you want to be a SUPER COOL DOG, do your challenge in a COOL DOGS one-piece outfit.
Any challenge can be a COOL DOG challenge!

Position Available: Adoptions Officer Volunteer

  • Ensure that adoptable pets go to foster
  • Promote adoptable pets to find forever homes
  • Keep records of all adoptable pets
  • Ensure all adoptable pets are checked by our vets and are healthy before going to foster parents (if not healthy and need special care, ensure foster parents are explained how to take care of them)
  • Ensure adoptable pets are healthy before adopting out
  • Ensure protocols for foster parents are adhered to
  • Ensure for correct adoption procedure
  • Ensure for payments of adoption fees
Beneficial skills
  • Love for animals
  • Computer literate – email, website, facebook, excel
  • Good communication skills
  • Good record keeping and management skills
  • Own reliable transport 
  • Own telephone
  • Own internet
Location Home position (With visits to the clinic based in Khayelitsha)
Remuneration Travelling and telephone costs will be covered
Time As required. Estimate minimum 5 hours per week.
Application Please send CV and cover letter to

Thank You's

Thank you to everyone who contributed to the Mdzananda Animal Clinic through physical and monetary donations this month of March.
E Nel The laughing dog M Schlesinge
Forresters Arms S Watson Curitz
S Osborn M Maritz H Filday
K Teixeira Gilbert N Yeats
Christian Ladies Home Manenberg pets project Peresoft software and sup
D Caknis Sentient beings W Yoga
N Swart Blue Route Magda
F Summers Vondis S Horn
H Dagut G Gorfil K Foce
K T  L Halkettamo K Wandle Onofri
J Adler Spot and Fred C Martin
Chester C Hugo S Land
L Kerby CAMC N Vellios
A vd Merwe K Cousins Lee & Leni
C Correia Karien E Bence
N Galante Lombard J Johnston
I Garlick Wesle H Kleinbooi
H Walne Fellinis cattery Norpharm
G Thomas Royal canine Nampak
Rotary Newlands J walker Dr Miles Penfold
K Bern Performance pet food Theresa Asad Landscapers
P FM Hodson Priontex Kuikenvlei nursery
Stitch&stuff Operation smile Follow the Spoor
C Cakitgu Nestle purina Highlands House
MCP Eukanuba  

If anyone has been left out please contact so as to ensure your acknowledgement.

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