Local artist debuts public art sculptures “Uplifting I, II, and III” and “Breaking Free” in Shreveport Common             


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     The Shreveport Regional Arts Council announces the newest art installation for Shreveport Common as part of the “Temporary Public Art Program” to place Artists at the helm of the creative development of Shreveport Common.  This installation by mixed-media artist, Julie Glass, represents the historic area’s growth and future. Glass has created the sculpture series “Uplifting I, II, and III” and “Breaking Free,” located on the triangle lot at Cotton Street, Crockett Street and Texas Avenue. 

     The inspiration for the sculptures came to Glass during a bike ride through Broadmoor neighborhood and downtown Shreveport. “I began noticing and eventually became obsessed with the beauty and design of the myriad cracks and imperfections in concrete streets, sidewalks and parking lots,” Glass said. “I started working on a series of sculptures, paintings, and mixed media pieces based on these exciting irregularities.”

     Glass used the empty lot’s concrete slabs to create “Uplifting I, II, and III”.  “The concrete slabs have some beautiful designs in them.  I decided to choose some of the designs found on these concrete slabs and literally lift them up so they can be seen by passers-by,” Glass said. “This serves two purposes: first, it adds color and visual interest to a vacant, dilapidated area, and, it also helps people to realize there is beauty and potential in the imperfections of the area.”
“Uplifting I, II, and III”

     For “Breaking Free”, Glass used an old rusty metal rope barrier that was held in place on concrete posts, enclosing part of the space. “I wanted to free it from its concrete captivity and help it soar into the air to express the idea of breaking free from its old decrepit state,” Glass said. 

“Breaking Free”

     The new public art site, currently a gravel and concrete covered lot, is the designated location for the impending Caddo Common, a 1.3-acre urban neighborhood park in Shreveport Common. Shreveport Common comprises nine formerly underutilized city blocks on the southeast side of downtown. To launch the rebirth of the once thriving merchant area, the Shreveport Regional Arts Council (SRAC) hosts a monthly event series, UNSCENE!, and commissions artists to create temporary and permanent public art.

     Julie Glass is a mixed-media artist, Northwest Louisiana Juried Roster Artist, and an attorney in Shreveport. Her art work has shown in The Little Shanty Folk Art Gallery, the Barnwell Garden and Art Center, and artspace.  Glass has a commissioned installation in the Central ARTSTATION. 

     Glass studied design and three dimensional art at Louisiana Tech University. Further education in various art classes and workshops includes in mixed media, collage and painting, but is mostly self-taught. She has worked in mosaics, welding, concrete, wood, and tire tread constructions.

     For more information about Shreveport Common visit, For more information about artist Julie Glass, visit 
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