Robert E. Trudeau: “Shalon, a Film Portrait” debuts at UNSCENE! on December 14
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     Award-winning multi-media artist, Robert E. Trudeau, debuts his new film “Shalon, a film portrait” at UNSCENE! on Saturday, December 14. “Shalon, a film portrait” is a five minute meditation and was inspired by experimental films such as Andy Warhol’s “Screen Test” series and Bo Gehring’s award-winning 2010 film, “Jessica Wiksham”.
     Trudeau describes "Shalon" as “a study in mortality”.
     “A woman lies in motionless repose as the camera traverses her skin from toe to head,” he said. “The camera views Shalon not as an object of desire but as an image of everywoman. Shalon herself is a participant in revealing her vulnerability. She is not playful nor joyous. Her meditative state calls upon the viewer to re-examine the meaning of the curves of the flesh.”
     The soundtrack was composed by esteemed singer-keyboardist Sereca Robinson Henderson. Using lyrics written by Trudeau, Henderson composed and sang the music with her vocal quartet, including Jennifer Campbell, Evelyn Ashley and Gloria Smith.
     Trudeau is a Shreveport-based author, veteran teacher, journalist and blogger. He was commissioned for the mural, “Three Women”, displayed on the side wall at 719 Crockett Street. He has also contributed art to every phase of the development of Shreveport Common. “Shalon” was underwritten by a grant from Shreveport Regional Arts Council (SRAC) for the UNSCENE! series and will show in intervals during the December 14 event.
     UNSCENE! is a monthly event series that launched in October and is produced by the Shreveport Regional Arts Council. UNSCENE! is a “creative placemaking” project that debuts the innovative look, feel, tastes, smells, and sounds of Shreveport Common, a 9-block arts district in downtown Shreveport.  Each month national and local artists are commissioned to create new works of art aimed to shed light on the “unseen” and “untapped” potential in the community.
     This month UNSCENE! takes an intimate look at the current and future residents of Shreveport Common through photography that will become poster-sized wall Paste Ups to create Street Art Murals through the Artistic leadership of the globally renowned Arts group: INSIDE OUT Project. The INSIDE OUT team, created by French Street Artist “JR” and recipient of the $1 million dollar TED PRIZE, are revered for their “large-scale participatory art project that transforms messages of personal identity into pieces of artistic work.”  INSIDE OUT is an artist group that has been documented, archived and exhibited in more than 108 countries. Over 120,000 people have participated in photography, printing and the paste up of UNheard of sized portraits.
     UNSCENE! takes place in the 700 block of Crockett Street in downtown Shreveport on Saturday, December 14, 2013 from Noon until 8:30 p.m. For more information about UNSCENE! or Robert E. Trudeau, visit or  

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