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Join us for one of four workshops where property owners and residents can learn additional details about the new Character based zoning districts and regulating plans being proposed in each of the six Vision San Marcos Intensity Zones

San Marcos Activity Center - Multi-Purpose Room
Cultivating a Vibrant and Enduring San Marcos
The City of San Marcos has been named the fastest growing city in the nation for cities with a population of over 50,000 people for the past three years in a row.  The chart below represents the number of residential units built in San Marcos (note the dramatic increase beginning in 2011).  
Long Range Planning Efforts, including the CodeSMTX process to update the Land Development Code,  are necessary to help the City ensure positive growth within our community.  Our current Code is outdated and doesn't give us all the tools we need to realize the Vision that was set with the adoption of the 2013 Vision San Marcos Comprehensive Plan, especially in light of our City's growing population.
This chart is based on City of San Marcos data representing the number of units or bedrooms completed in each of these years.  The number of people is derived by using the census calculation for average people per unit for non-student oriented housing and a count of the number of bedrooms for student oriented housing.
Our Planning Road Map for Achieving the Vision
The Planning and Development Services Department presented the City's Long Range Planning Road Map to City Council at its regularly scheduled August 4 City Council Meeting.  The SMTX Long Range Planning Road Map describes the strategy and timeline to implement the comprehensive plan in three priority areas - Intensity Zones, Corridors, and Existing Neighborhoods.  The Vision San Marcos Comprehensive Plan identifies the following vision for each of these priority planning areas.
  1. Intensity Zones are envisioned as Places to accommodate the City's growing population in well planned areas where people can meet their daily needs within a short walk, bike, transit trip or drive.
  2. Corridors are envisioned as multimodal and connected networks that provide safe and convenient transportation options while protecting the environment
  3. Existing Neighborhoods are envisioned as maintaining their existing character and following development and redevelopment patterns that are desired by the residents.
Next Steps:
The growth that we are experiencing in San Marcos requires the adoption of new tools and strategies that require and allow for positive growth in our community.  The SMTX Long Range Planning Process includes the following opportunities for information, participation, and input.
  • August 19-20, 2015 - Zoning for Character Workshop
  • September 30, 2015 - Joint City Council and Planning Commission Workshop
  • November 2015 - Public Open House and Presentation
Learn more about CodeSMTX and the City's Long Range Planning Road Map at our website
For more information contact the Planning Department at 512.393.8230 or email
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