Want better health?

You need the right tools.

At Blue Lotus, we have the tools to help you feel your best. Whether it's acupuncture or NAET, cupping or gua sha, we strive to bring you the best traditional healing tools we can offer.

Join us at one of our weekly essential oil classes to learn about tools you can use to help you and your family.

Upcoming Classes

Whether you're a beginning or experienced oil user, we would love to have you join us!

There is no cost for the classes, though we will accept donations, part of which will go to doTERRA's Helping Hands Foundation.

Our classes in May are every Thursday evening, 6 - 7:30pm.

  • May 4th - Uses & Benefits of Essential Oils
  • May 11th - Uses & Benefits of Essential Oils
  • May 18th - Meditation & Essential Oils
  • May 25th - Uses & Benefits of Essential Oils
Want to join us? Call 215-348-7393 to RSVP!

Last Week's Essential Oil & Meditation Class

With Easter last week, Ryan led the essential oil class on the theme of the Pieta. The compassion, intimacy, and humanity embodied in the image can connect us directly to those aspects in our own experience.

We explored how essential oils can open up doors inside of us as well. Ryan talked a bit about how each oil connected to the Pieta, and to our own wholeness, then led a short guided meditation for each oil.

Below is the meditation Ryan led for Geranium, the Oil of Love and Trust. Go to a quiet space, and give yourself about five or ten minutes to just be with yourself.
Bring to mind someone you find it very, very easy to wish good things for. A grandchild, a close friend, an old friend -- or perhaps even your childhood dog.

Think of them, and reflect on the struggles they're facing or faced. Reflect on how much you want to hold their experience, how much you want to hold their heart and be with them. Imagine how they look, how they feel inside, when you're lovingly, gently, selflessly holding whatever pains or grief they may be experiencing. Take a few moments to stay with this; feel, as best you can, how your own heart as you do this.

Now, think of how they regard you. Wouldn't they wish the same for you? If they knew what your experience was, to your deepest depths, wouldn't they want to hold your heart, too? Allow yourself to receive that holding. If it's hard for you to imagine receiving it from a person or a pet, receive it from Jesus, or Mary, or Tara, or whatever being is great enough to hold your heart.

They are closer than close to you. Feel that holding. Feel the light of their deepest being holding whatever in you feels heavy, dark, painful. Stay with this reflection as long as you like.
Ryan leads a meditation group on Monday nights at Blue Lotus from 7:30 to 8:30pm, and will lead another meditation and oil class on Thursday, May 18th. No cost for either, though donations are welcome.
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